Simplifying email collaboration
for Finance teams

From payroll requests to tax compliance, your team works
on shared inbox emails ‘together’

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Hiver is sexy! Reliable, all-knowing, almost like Jarvis for Ironman!

Michael & Jonathan, CFR Rinkens


Most finance teams struggle with collaborating
on emails

Assigning a purchasing order to a teammate involves forwards and CCs - not the best way to create accountability. Processes often get delayed.

Every time two people have to work together on reconciling a bank statement, they keep exchanging emails and things become confusing quickly.

Expense reimbursement requests often remain unattended for long because nobody on the team is sure who has to start working on them.

Put an end to the chaos.

Hiver keeps you right on top of emails, and bestows
collaboration superpowers upon your team.

Process purchase orders right on time

Assign purchase orders to your teammates in just two clicks from Gmail (no forwarding). Every order gets a clear owner and a status. Nothing will ever fall through the cracks again.

Automate recurring payments

You can automate recurring payments based on conditions. For example, every email with ‘invoice’ in the subject line gets assigned to your accountant Sarah.

Stop delaying reimbursement requests

Automate emails with ‘reimbursement’ in the subject line to be tagged with ‘priority’ and assigned to Mike. Via Notes, your team discusses requests without having to write emails.

I love not having to forward emails to
each other anymore. Assigning them
makes life so much easier. Keeping Notes
on each email is awesome!

Tag your receivables by vendors

Tags come in handy when you want to organize your receivables by your vendors. You can even have Tags added automatically based on the email address they come from. Viewing all shared inbox emails with a Tag is a breeze.

Monitor billing processes effortlessly

With Notes, you can see the series of actions related to billing emails - all in your Gmail right panel. No more struggling through long email threads.

Hiver is lightweight, practical, and no-fluff. It gets the job done,
skipping unnecessary bells and whistles that infect other apps

The shared inboxes you should create


manage all payroll requests from one unified place


never delay a payment to your suppliers


see that all your invoices are paid on time


have your team work together on billing requests


create accountability and manage taxation emails promptly

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