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Top 5 HIPAA-Compliant Live Chat Messaging Apps
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Top 5 HIPAA-Compliant Live Chat Messaging Apps

Feb 06, 2024
6 min read
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Siddharthyka Saraswat

Table of contents

As the healthcare industry rapidly digitizes, proper communication between patients and providers has become more essential than ever. Yet, every digital interaction carries with it a responsibility – to safeguard the sensitive health information being shared. 

Traditional messaging tools, while convenient, often fall short of the stringent security standards required in healthcare.

HIPAA-compliant messaging apps rise to this challenge, ensuring that each conversation, note, or shared document remains private and protected. But with an expanding market of solutions, how do you determine which tool suits your needs the best? 

Dive into this article to discover HIPAA-compliant messaging apps that not only prioritize security but also elevate the entire healthcare communication experience.

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Table of Contents

What is HIPAA?

HIPAA, or the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, is a U.S. law designed to protect patient health information. It ensures that medical records and other personal health details are kept confidential and shared only with the patient’s consent. 

Beyond confidentiality, HIPAA also sets standards for electronic healthcare transactions and addresses security measures for digitally stored health data. This means healthcare providers need strong safeguards when storing or transmitting electronic patient information.

What is a HIPAA-compliant live chat messaging app?

A HIPAA-compliant live chat messaging app is a digital communication tool designed for the healthcare sector that helps adhere to the stringent data privacy and security provisions outlined by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). These apps ensure that any protected health information (PHI) shared during online conversations is safeguarded from unauthorized access, breaches, and other potential security risks. 

Key features of such apps often include end-to-end encryption, secure data storage, regular audits, and the ability to sign a Business Associate Agreement (BAA). The goal is to offer healthcare providers a platform for efficient and real-time communication without compromising patient confidentiality and data security.

Benefits of using a HIPAA-compliant live chat messaging app

The seamless interconnectivity of patient data security and real-time communication is the hallmark of efficient patient care. But the delicate nature of the information exchanged demands more than just swiftness—it requires unwavering security.

Ensuring the security of patient data, a healthcare app development company focuses on creating solutions that meet the stringent requirements of HIPAA compliance, thus providing a secure and efficient platform for patient-provider communication.

The stakes are high, and the margin for error is virtually nonexistent. Why, then, is a HIPAA-secure app for live chat so critical? Let’s understand the benefits of using one:

1. Protect Sensitive Data: Healthcare communications often involve sharing Protected Health Information (PHI). A HIPAA-secure messaging app ensures this data remains confidential and shielded from breaches.

2. Regulatory Compliance: Failure to comply with HIPAA can lead to hefty fines and legal consequences. Using a HIPAA-compliant app aligns your communications with federal requirements.

3. Build Patient Trust: When patients know that their information is safe, it fosters a deeper level of trust between them and healthcare providers.

4. Reduce Risk of Data Breaches: Cyber-attacks are increasingly targeting healthcare institutions. A HIPAA-secure app provides an additional layer of security, reducing the risk of costly and reputation-damaging breaches.

5. Streamlined Communications: These live chat messaging apps are designed with healthcare in mind, optimizing both the user experience and the flow of sensitive information.

6. Integration with Other Systems: Many HIPAA-secure messaging apps can seamlessly integrate with Electronic Health Records (EHRs) and other healthcare systems, simplifying data retrieval and input.

7. Auditing and Monitoring: Such apps often come with robust auditing features, enabling organizations to monitor conversations for compliance and review any potential breaches promptly.

Top 5 HIPAA-Compliant Live Chat Messaging Apps

Looking for a HIPAA-compliant live chat messaging app to provide exceptional customer service to your patients? Check out our top 5 recommendations:

1. Hiver

If you’re scouting for a live chat messaging app that not only respects the sanctity of patient information but also takes your customer experience (CX) up a notch, Hiver is just the tool for you.

While the term ‘live chat messaging app’ might suggest a singular focus, Hiver goes the extra mile and covers everything you need to deliver customer service that stands out. And the best part? It works from your Gmail account. You and your team don’t need to learn any new software.

To enable seamless communication, Hiver offers a plethora of collaboration features. This means your team can work together on patient queries, ensuring quick and accurate responses. 

Plus, with Hiver’s comprehensive reporting features, you’re not just responding to patients but constantly improving your approach.

Here are some features offered by Hiver to improve the experience you offer to your patients:

  • Unified Inbox: Hiver allows your entire team to manage patient interactions from a unified inbox. It means no more missed messages or overlaps.
  • Email Tags & Notes: Discuss patient concerns and requests internally by simply @mentioning a colleague and leaving a note. No more email Ccs or forwards.
  • Collision Detection: Ensure that two team members aren’t addressing the same patient query, improving response efficiency.
  • Automated Workflows: Streamline repetitive tasks and ensure that patient queries go to the right department or specialist without delay.
  • Reporting Capabilities: Measure the efficiency of live chat and other customer support operations with visual reports and make data-driven decisions.
Hiver’s UI

Taking patient confidentiality and data security seriously, Hiver stays HIPAA-compliant. Here’s how:

  • Business Associate Agreement (BAA): Hiver offers a BAA to healthcare providers, emphasizing their commitment to their data’s safety.
  • Extensive Employee Training: Every member of the Hiver team undergoes thorough training on HIPAA regulations to ensure no unintentional data breaches.
  • No Unnecessary Data Storage: Hiver understands the importance of data minimalism. It doesn’t store emails on its servers, ensuring patient info remains under your control.
  • End-to-End Encryption: Your data remains encrypted, whether it’s at rest or in transit, minimizing potential breach points.
  • Regular Audits: Hiver undergoes periodic security audits, always striving to enhance its security infrastructure.

2. TigerConnect

TigerConnect is a HIPAA-compliant messaging platform, specifically tailored for the unique needs of healthcare providers. Their dedication to HIPAA compliance ensures that patient data remains secure and confidential, aligning with industry regulations and protecting healthcare institutions from potential data breaches.

Essential features of TigerConnect include real-time messaging, role-based messaging, and secure file sharing. What sets TigerConnect apart is its robust integration capabilities with Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems, instant delivery and read confirmations to streamline communication, and its role-based messaging that ensures that patients can reach the right team members at the right time.

TigerConnects’s UI

However, there are some issues that TigerConnect users face while using the platform:

  • Learning Curve: The platform might be a bit complex for new users, requiring extensive training to navigate and understand all its features effectively.
  • Notification Issues: There have been occasional complaints about missed notifications or delayed message alerts.
  • Integration Challenges: While TigerConnect does integrate with many EHR systems, some users have reported difficulties or limitations in seamless integration with specific EHR platforms.

3. QliqSOFT

For healthcare professionals seeking a comprehensive and HIPAA-compliant communication tool, QliqSOFT is a great option. Their commitment to HIPAA compliance ensures that both patient and provider data are handled with utmost security and integrity.

QliqSOFT boasts essential features such as patient communication, video chat, and on-call scheduling. However, what makes QliqSOFT unique is its “QliqStik” feature for secure file transfer to share information with patients on live chat, the ability to integrate easily with various healthcare systems, and its patient-centric tools that enhance and streamline patient-provider communication.


Here are some issues that users run into while using QliqSOFT:

  • User Interface: Some users feel the interface is not as intuitive as other platforms, making it less user-friendly.
  • Occasional Glitches: Users have reported occasional software glitches or errors that can disrupt communication.
  • Support Concerns: Some users mentioned that QliqSOFT’scustomer support might not be as responsive or as effective as needed.

4. OhMD

OhMD stands out as a comprehensive communication platform built to bridge the gap between healthcare providers and their patients. Its commitment to HIPAA compliance is unwavering, ensuring that all exchanges remain within the bounds of legal and ethical standards. 

Essential features offered by OhMD include secure texting and telehealth capabilities. Its stand-out features comprise broadcast messaging, which allows providers to send mass notifications efficiently; EHR integration, streamlining the flow of patient information; and a user-friendly design, enhancing the overall user experience for both patients and providers.


Here are some issues that OhMD users have faced on the platform:

  • Limited Integration: OhMD may not integrate seamlessly with all EHR platforms, posing potential workflow challenges.
  • Subscription Cost: While a free version exists, many essential features, along with live website chat, come with the paid subscription that starts at $200.
  • Mobile App Issues: The mobile app often faces glitches and might not be as user-friendly as desired.

5. Klara

Last on the list is Klara, a dynamic patient communication platform that places a strong emphasis on HIPAA compliance to safeguard patient data. This ensures that healthcare providers can confidently use Klara without the concerns of compromising sensitive patient information.

Klara offers essential features like secure messaging and efficient collaboration tools for healthcare teams. It also boasts a user-friendly interface, making patient-provider communication more straightforward; Klara offers a centralized hub for all patient interactions, and its automated workflows reduce administrative tasks, allowing healthcare providers to focus more on patient care.

Klara’s UI

Some problems encountered by users include:

  • Setup Process: Some users find the initial setup and onboarding process to be time-consuming or cumbersome.
  • Notification Issues: Like with TigerConnect, there have been concerns about not receiving timely notifications for messages.
  • Limitations in Reporting: The platform might not offer detailed or customizable reporting features.


Our list of the top 5 HIPAA-compliant live chat messaging apps showcases tools that don’t just talk the talk but walk the walk—prioritizing both patient experience and iron-clad data protection. 

These platforms aren’t just about sending and receiving messages; they’re about fostering trust, enhancing patient experience, and ensuring that every digital interaction remains within the confines of HIPAA regulations. 

If you want to offer live chat support and improve your overall customer service while complying to HIPAA guidelines, consider Hiver. Try Hiver free for 7 days and experience the difference.

An engineer turned B2B marketer, Siddharthyka creates research-driven, actionable content for professionals from various backgrounds, such as customer success, IT, and finance. She also collaborates with industry experts to create insightful campaigns and content for readers. When away from her work desk, she can be found reading about the cosmos or picking a new coffee roast to try.

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