email management
for Outlook

Assign, track, and collaborate on emails arriving in Outlook team inboxes like info@ and support@. Do it all from a familiar interface.

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Drive email visibility and accountability
in your Outlook shared mailboxes

Outlook ODD

Categorize, assign and
track your team emails

Ensure every incoming email gets a dedicated owner. Establish clear accountability and streamline communication with all your stakeholders.


    Unlock seamless teamwork
    within your inbox

    Discuss queries internally alongside email threads and get faster team approvals and inputs. Share email templates for shared mailboxes to quickly respond to repetitive questions.

      Automate routine tasks to
      boost team productivity

      Easily handle growing email volumes with automations workflows. Set up 'if-then' rules to automatically - assign emails, apply tags, update status, and send responses.


        Improve team performance
        with Analytics

        Monitor key metrics such as first response and average resolution time for emails. Get access to multiple reports to identify bottlenecks and continuously improve workflows and processes.

          Enabling businesses to do more

          • Jędrzej Dąbrowski

            I get visibility into the volume of emails, and the types of issues. I can now ensure that operational tasks are accomplished faster.

            Jędrzej Dąbrowski

            Junior Product Manager at Travelist
          • Fin Brown

            Our clients choose us over competitors due to our speed and quality of communication. We couldn’t have achieved this without Hiver.

            Fin Brown

            Project Manager, Get It Made
          • Christian Sibayan

            Hiver is a very friendly tool. It does away with the complexities of a ticketing system. Everything about it is so simple to use.

            Christian Sibayan

            Manager - Field Operations and Systems, Oxford Business Group
          • David Pinto

            I get visibility into the volume of emails, and the types of issues. I can now ensure that operational tasks are accomplished faster.

            David Pinto

            Business Development,
          • Luke Thompson

            Hiver is extremely easy to use. We hit the ground running right from day one. Also, their customer service is simply fantastic!

            Luke Thompson

            Co-owner, Visiting Angels - Wisconsin
          • Luke Thompson

            With Hiver, we no longer miss emails. I also have much better visibility into where an issue is on the resolution path.

            Nathan Strang

            Ocean Freight Operations Manager, Flexport


          We already use Outlook shared mailboxes to manage team inbox emails. How can Hiver help?

          Hiver offers a simpler yet more effective way of managing customer queries when compared with webmail services like Outlook. Without Hiver, businesses cannot drive visibility and accountability into incoming queries; they face difficulty in collaboration, and have no way to track team's performance. Hiver lets you overcome all these challenges without having to learn new software from scratch.

          How does Hiver justify its cost compared to Outlook Shared Mailbox, which is included in the Office 365 subscription?

          While shared mailboxes are basic email inboxes that multiple teammates or colleagues can access, Hiver offers advanced inbox automation and collaboration features that drive efficiency and email visibility. The additional value provided by Hiver in terms of productivity gains, ability to monitor and improve SLA adherence, customer satisfaction rating, and streamlined workflows justifies the investment compared to shared mailboxes and has guaranteed returns.

          As an executive juggling multiple priorities, can optimizing email communication workflow help me save dollars?

          If you don't collect a dollar within a year, it's worth only 46 cents. Missing just one customer email can hurt your bottom line. Simplifying email communication workflows can save your team the time they'd spend sorting and tracking emails manually. With automation and better teamwork, your staff can focus on important tasks instead of grunt work. This boosts productivity and helps you cut costs on staffing.

          How does Hiver integrate with our existing email workflows and what support is provided to ensure a smooth transition?

          Hiver is designed to enhance and integrate seamlessly with your current email and communication workflows without disrupting it. We offer customization options to fit your team’s unique way of working. During onboarding, our specialists work closely with you to ensure a smooth transition, and we provide continuous support to help your team maximize productivity with Hiver features.