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What if your Gmail icon could turn into a helpdesk?

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Meet Hiver - a solution that does exactly that. Hiver helps you deliver fast and empathetic customer service right inside Gmail

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Transform your Gmail to deliver great support

A new collaborative Gmail
your agents will love

Leave no email

Delegate emails to your team with a single click, track them effortlessly, and engage better with your customers.

Delegate emails with ease
Email Delegation

Seamless team collaboration, minus the inbox clutter

Write notes to teammates to have quick discussions, minus Cc/Bcc/forwards. Use @mentions to notify someone.

Have contextual discussions
Notes and Mentions

Prevent users from replying to the same email

Get real-time alerts when someone is responding to an email you’re seeing and prevent users from replying to the same email.

Prevent duplicate responses
Collision Alerts
Hiver helpdesk


Hiver takes away the grunt work out of customer service. Automate repetitive tasks that kill your team’s productivity by auto-assigning emails. Distribute work with round-robin assignment.

Hiver helpdesk


Get insights into workload distribution, SLA violations and team performance. Improve your customer service by measuring metrics specific to your business with custom reports.

Hiver helpdesk

Live Chat New

Use Hiver’s chat widget to respond instantly to customers on your website. Set up only takes a few clicks in your Gmail.

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Hiver + Google Workspace
is all you need to manage
customer support

Easily access, assign, collaborate and track emails coming
to your customer support account, right inside Gmail.

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So, here’s how teams across
industries work better with Hiver

Loved by 8000+ teams
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Asked Questions

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How can I use Gmail as a helpdesk?Drop Down

You can use Gmail as a helpdesk by creating a dedicated support email account, organizing emails with categories and labels, and grouping important clients in Gmail by sender filtering. You can also speed up your work by knowing the shortcuts and automatically escalating some customer issues with forwarding filters.

However, services like Hiver help you supercharge your Gmail inbox and use it as a full-fledged helpdesk solution.

What are some advantages of using Gmail as a helpdesk?Drop Down

The most significant advantage of using Gmail as a helpdesk is that it helps you have personal conversations with customers. There are no ticket numbers, no robotic-looking emails, no impersonal conversations. All your customers see is a friendly email.

There is also hardly any learning curve when using Gmail as a helpdesk due to its familiar UI - no training guides, painful onboarding, long transition times, and the cognitive load of using a complex software for simple tasks.

How can I set up a Gmail helpdesk for my team?Drop Down

Installing Hiver adds a layer of functionality on top of Gmail — so that customer service teams can manage emails in a structured and efficient way. Your team will be able to manage customer conversations right from their work inboxes without constantly switching between tools and tabs.

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