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Use shared drafts within Gmail

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Table of contents

Use shared drafts within Gmail

How to Use Shared Drafts for Gmail

Feb 20, 2024
3 min read
Hiver HQ
Manogna Lekkalapudi

Table of contents

Imagine a scenario: you’re drafting an important email to a client.  And you need input from your teammates or manager on the reply. Traditionally, this would involve multiple back-and-forth emails or external communication tools – a process that is time-consuming and often leads to confusion. 

So how do you bridge the gap between individual effort and team collaboration? This is where Hiver steps in. It transforms your familiar Gmail interface into a powerful collaborative tool.

Out of its many robust features enhancing email management and team collaboration, Hiver offers the ‘Shared Drafts’ feature. And the best part is, you can share your email drafts right from Gmail with Hiver. 

As we dive deeper into this blog, we’ll explore all about Shared Drafts – how they work in Gmail with the help of Hiver, and why they could be the missing piece in your team’s email collaboration puzzle.

Key Takeaways

  • Streamlined Collaboration: Hiver’s Shared Drafts feature enables multiple team members to collaboratively work on a single email draft directly in Gmail, streamlining communication and reducing the need for back-and-forth emails.
  • Efficient Teamwork: With Shared Drafts, team members can add their expertise to an email draft in real-time, enhancing the quality and accuracy of client communication.

Table of Contents

What are Shared Drafts?

A shared draft is a collaborative email feature that allows multiple team members to work together on a single email draft. Think of it as a communal space within your email where teamwork unfolds in real time. This feature is particularly useful in environments where email is a crucial part of team collaboration and customer interaction, such as customer support, sales, or project coordination.

Let’s say you’re working in customer service, and you receive a technical question that’s outside your area of expertise. Instead of forwarding the email to a colleague, you create a shared draft. 

Your colleague, who has the technical know-how, can directly add the necessary technical details to the draft. Meanwhile, another team member who excels in customer communication can tweak the language to make it more customer-friendly. The result is a well-rounded, informative, and professionally crafted email that is a product of collaborative effort.And with Hiver, you can do all this, without leaving the Gmail interface.

Collaborate with shared drafts right within Gmail See how

How to use Shared Drafts in Gmail?

The very first step is to install the Hiver extension from chrome web store. Once the extension is installed and you’re logged in your Gmail inbox, you’re all set to use shared drafts. 

Let’s dive in to see how:

1. Create Shared draft

To Create shared draft, you need to reply to an email, write the mail and then click on “Shared Draft”. Remembered that “Share Draft” option is available only while replying to emails and not while composing new emails.

Hiver's shared draft in gmail
Shared Draft on Hiver

2. Save The Shared Draft

You have the option to save your work as a shared draft through the dialog box that appears. Once saved, this draft becomes accessible to all members of the shared mailbox. They can view and contribute to the shared draft whenever they open the email.

how to edit shared draft in gmail
Editing Shared Draft

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Final Words

The ability to collaborate efficiently on email communication is a game-changer. Hiver offers just that with its innovative features tailored for Gmail.

Hiver transforms your Gmail into a collaborative platform with not just shared drafts. It offers a variety of features like Shared Inbox, Notes, and the @mention, email assignments and automation. 

These features collectively enhance efficiency, organization, and cohesiveness within teams., Hiver can be a valuable asset for any team looking to elevate their email collaboration experience within Gmail.

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  1. What exactly is a Shared Draft in Hiver?
    A Shared Draft in Hiver is a feature that allows multiple team members to collaboratively work on the same email draft within Gmail. It facilitates real-time teamwork on email content, streamlining the process of crafting a response.
  1.  Can Shared Drafts be used for composing new emails?
    No, the Shared Draft feature in Hiver is available only when replying to emails. It’s not applicable for composing new emails from scratch.
  1. Is Hiver’s Shared Draft feature easy to use for those new to the tool?
    Yes, Hiver is designed for ease of use. The interface is intuitive, and since it integrates directly into Gmail, it feels familiar for those accustomed to the Gmail environment.
  1.  Is Hiver suitable for all sizes of teams?
    Hiver is versatile and suitable for teams of all sizes, from small groups to large enterprises. Its scalability and range of features make it adaptable to various team dynamics and communication needs.
Manogna is a content marketer at Hiver. She has always been passionate about writing and marketing, and finally decided to go for it.

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