Turn Gmail into
a Collaborative Inbox

Manage your collaborative Google Groups
right from your Gmail account

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Supported Browsers : Chrome

Hiver plugin in gmail interface

Delegate email to your team

Assign emails as tasks right from your Gmail. Keep track of who is doing what

Delegate emails to your team

With Hiver, emails become tasks that can be assigned and closed.

Check status of emails

Quickly see which emails have been closed, and which ones need your attention - right from your Gmail.

Communicate internally with Notes for Emails

Rise above forwarding and CCing emails within your team with Notes for emails

Email Notes

Write notes on emails to rope in a team-mate into your Collaborative Inbox. Collaborate without email clutter.

Activity Timeline

See a full history of actions taken on emails in your Collaborative Inbox. Know when an email went from Open to Resolved.

Team up on email responses

Draft emails together. Avoid sending duplicate or conflicting respones

Collision Detection

Hiver notifies you when a team-mate is responding to an email in your Collabortive Inbox.

Email Drafts

Draft replies to emails in your Collaborative Inbox together. Better teamwork, less confusion.

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