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Create and manage collaborative inboxes easily and efficiently
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Loved by over 1500 companies

Gmail was designed keeping in mind one-to-one communication and not for
collaboration with multiple people on your team. A collaborative inbox like Hiver
on the other hand has been designed from the ground up to enable your team to
deal with email conversations much more efficiently.

Say Goodbye to Ccs/Bccs/Forwards. Scale communication easily and effectively

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Make email delegation effortless

Hiver converts emails into actionable tasks assigned to specific
owners in two clicks, eliminating the need to constantly Cc/Bcc/
forward emails and create confusing, meandering email threads.

Stay on top of every email

Hiver assigns every email a status — Open, Pending, or Closed.
These statuses are visible to the entire team so that you have
complete visibility into what needs immediate action.

Provide context instantly. Collaborate where you work

Hiver Collab Inbox Activity Panel

Provide context with notes

Eliminate Ccs/Bccs/forwards for team collaboration. Simply
collaborate by adding notes which live alongside your emails
and give the necessary context right when and where needed.
@mention colleagues and have them receive real time
notifications to bring notes and tasks to their attention.

Get a bird’s-eye view of email activities

Get in-depth insights by getting a chronological view of all the
actions that have been taken on an email received in your
collaborative inbox with the activity timeline.

Reply faster, send better emails, all without the confusion

Hiver Collab Inbox Collision Alerts

Avoid stepping on one another’s toes

Put an end to embarrassing duplicate replies forever. Start using
Hiver to manage your collaborative inboxes and get collision alerts
which notify you every time a colleague starts responding to an

Write better emails, together

Sometimes, you may need help from your colleagues with writing
an email. You may need them to proofread an email, or add
missing information. With Hiver, you can write an email draft and
share it with your colleagues for review/reuse.

Everything you need in a reliable and secured shared inbox solution

Hiver is the only shared inbox solution that does not store your emails. We are obsessed with keeping your data safe. We’ve especially developed processes, technologies, and policies that ensure we deliver on our data security promise. And that is why more than 1500 businesses count on us to keep their data safe and secure.
Hiver Collab Inbox EU US Privacy Shield

EU - US Privacy Shield

Hiver Collab Inbox SOC 2 Type II Attested

SOC 2 Type II Attested

Hiver Collab Inbox ISO 27001 Certified

ISO 27001 Certified

Do all of this and more with Hiver

Hiver Collab Inbox Smart Automation

Intelligent automations

Automate repetitive tasks with quick,
easy to set up automation rules.
Distribute workload evenly with
Round-Robin assignment.

Hiver Collab Inbox Reports

Visual reports

Measure and improve efficiency by
easily identifying problems and
planning proactively based on metrics.

Hiver Collab Inbox Notes

Power up your inbox

Supercharge your collaborative inbox
with Hiver’s connectors for Zapier and
Slack and connect them to all the
business apps you love.

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Loved by G Suite customers across 30+ countries

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Vacasa handles support tickets
80% faster with Hiver

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Great software without changing systems.

We have a lot of emails coming in daily that would otherwise hit each team member’s personal inbox. With Hiver, we’ve sped up our email responses and our inboxes are clutter-free.

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