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Top 10 AI Tools for People Operations

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Table of contents

Top 10 AI Tools for People Operations

Apr 17, 2024
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Table of contents

AI tools for people operations are becoming increasingly popular as they help HR teams streamline processes, reduce costs, and improve overall workflow. These tools use artificial intelligence and machine learning to automate and optimize HR systems and processes, including recruitment, employee engagement, communications, scheduling, workforce management, training, and development.

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Table of Contents

10 Best AI Tools for People Operations 

Here are some of the best AI tools for HR:

1. Entelo

This source-to-hire automation platform uses predictive analytics and natural language processing to remove friction points and accelerate pre-application processes. Entelo predicts candidates’ next roles and analyzes how well they would align with your organization, making recruitment and selection more efficient.

Entelo Search

2. Zavvy

Zavvy is an AI-driven 360° Growth System that simplifies and streamlines people development programs. It offers personalized learning pathways and content, automated performance reports, and realistic goal recommendations based on the previous period.


3. Coassemble

This all-in-one LMS platform allows HR teams to create and deliver training content to employees. Coassemble uses AI-assisted quizzes to make the learning experience more enjoyable and engaging.

Coassemble Course Builder

4. Cegid

This AI-powered data analysis and assessment tool helps with talent acquisition and skills development through seamless recruitment systems and performance management. Cegid uses smart recommendations to create more meaningful learning experiences based on learners’ profiles and performance.

Cegid TalentSoft

5. Axonify

This AI learning app specializes in supporting frontline workers. Axonify analyzes performance and learning needs to build solutions that work for operations, learning, and communications. It allows HR people to create content, track performance, and onboard with all of its tools.


6. IntelliHR

This people management tool centralizes employee data and automates reports for a data-driven approach. IntelliHR includes goal management and talent retention tools, review and performance trackers, and compliance needs.


7. Degreed

This AI-powered tool uses personalized recommendations to improve employee learning experiences. Degreed analyzes learner profiles and performance to suggest personalized learning pathways and content, including courses, academies, online learning resources, books, and podcasts.


8. Timely

This workforce management system makes time-tracking and task management simple and easy. Timely tracks hours and work automatically without the need to manually input hours and direct reports, including meetings and video calls.


9. Kajabi

This AI Creator Hub hosts a suite of AI tools that use AI technology to build course outlines, content, landing page copy, email content, social media copy, and more. Kajabi can be useful for generating HR training content to be delivered to all employees.


10. Carv

Carv transforms the recruitment landscape with its AI-powered solution, dedicated to simplifying administrative tasks surrounding intake calls and interviews. It integrates seamlessly into your workflow, automating tasks such as generating job requirements and descriptions. By leveraging AI technology, Carv allows recruiters to focus on meaningful interactions with candidates and clients, ensuring an efficient and candidate-centric recruitment process.



In conclusion, AI tools for people operations are transforming HR practices across organizations big and small. By harnessing the power of machine learning, natural language processing, and data analytics, these tools automate operations, enhance decision-making capabilities, and provide invaluable insights into the realm of HR. HR teams can benefit from these tools by streamlining processes, reducing costs, and improving overall workflow.

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