Cohere Health Gets Data-Driven Insights on Client Conversations

Saved 20 hours in a month

About Cohere Health

Cohere Health is a health-tech company that simplifies prior authorizations in order to improve patient care access and quality outcomes. They achieve this by using AI and machine learning technologies within their authorization platforms. 

Located in Boston, Massachusetts, Cohere Health has been able to speed up patient care access by 70% while reducing denial rates by 63% using integrated analytics and rules engine. 

This approach has facilitated smoother communication between healthcare providers and insurance companies, ensuring more efficient and effective healthcare delivery.

The Challenge: Limited Insights on Email Queries

Cohere Health’s tech support team receives email queries from their clients on authorizations, product requests, technical issues, etc., on a daily basis. 

We spoke to Taylor Garceau, Program Manager, Customer Success, to understand how their team was managing these emails before switching to Hiver.

Taylor mentioned that she has a 20-member team of customer success managers handling client communication, through emails. Each team member used to handle emails of their respective clients and set up cadences to engage them. 

However, as the company expanded, each customer success manager had multiple accounts to manage, and that’s when the challenges began to surface:

  1. The existing email-based communication system, while functional, lacked in-depth analytics that show the trends of email queries. 
  2. The team found themselves navigating through an increasing volume of email queries without the necessary tools to organize them. This led to them missing some emails.
  3. Another challenge for them was tracking email tickets. The team initially relied on Jira for this. But, this reliance on a separate software for tracking requests was cumbersome.

As Cohere Health grew, it needed an advanced system to manage, organize, and analyze email interactions to keep up with the company’s continual growth. 

The Solution

Cohere Health’s Customer Success team decided to go with Hiver to overcome their challenges. Taylor recalls how they did not try out any other solutions, and Hiver was their first choice.

We met with several other vendors but just landed on Hiver as our first solution.

The Hiver advantage

Seamless assignment of work and robust reporting features, enabling higher client satisfaction.

A Curated Dashboard to Gauge Insights

Earlier, the Cohere Health’s team had no visibility into the type of queries they used to receive. They were also not able to get visibility into their team’s workload and how quickly they were responding to and resolving requests. 

With Hiver coming into the picture, this has changed completely.
Since Cohere Health wanted in-depth insights of client conversations, Hiver’s team worked with them to create a personalized dashboard. Cohere Health’s team now exports the data from Hiver to analyze the trends in their conversations with their clients.

We track first response time, resolution time, and escalations. We track all of that within our Gmail inbox. Also, the analytics board helps us filter insights by tags. This gives us a good gauge on what types of issues we’re having based on payer partners.

Hiver’s analytics feature enables Cohere Health to make data-driven decisions for the company.

Analytics feature in Hiver

Smooth Integration with JIRA

Cohere Health is heavily dependent on JIRA to track product requests from clients. Earlier, when Cohere Health’s team used to receive product requests, they had to go and log in JIRA, create a new ticket for the request, and then track it on the platform. 

This was quite cumbersome. They were looking for a simpler solution that didn’t have so many steps.

Hiver’s seamless integration with JIRA was a game-changer for Cohere Health. 

Now, with a product request coming in, they don’t have to switch to JIRA from their inbox. Taylor says:

So if that (a product request) were to come to us via email, we simply open up that email and tag it appropriately so we can track that information. Then, instead of separately logging into Jira and starting a new ticket, we can actually fill in the details within Hiver’s platform, and the JIRA ticket will be created. Really seamless!

Hiver's integration with JIRA

Streamlined Email Assignments

Earlier, Taylor and her team needed a system that could filter out specific emails from the large volumes they received everyday. They had no way to do it, other than going through all the emails to pick up the important ones. 

They were also looking for an email organization feature that could filter emails into different folders so that they could categorize them and analyze the data further. 

Hiver’s automated tagging and shared labels were all that Cohere Health’s team needed. 

Each of Taylor’s colleagues handle a single customer account. So, any queries from a specific customer need to be routed to the right person. With Hiver, Taylor is now able to create and share different labels for different accounts with her colleagues.

Labels feature in Hiver

By setting up rules, emails containing specific keywords can now get automatically saved under an account label.

For example, emails received from domain can get automatically saved under the label “xyz”. This way, every teammate is assigned the queries from the account they handle without a chance of missing any communication. 

Hiver's auto-tagging feature

Enhanced Collaboration with Notes and @mentions

Earlier, Taylor’s team didn’t have an efficient way to internally collaborate on client queries and requests. In case a colleague needed inputs on a specific email, they had to forward it, explaining the issue and also had to Cc all relevant stakeholders. This was quite time-consuming.

Hiver helped them solved this issue with its Notes and @mention feature.    

With this feature, a team member can simply @mention all relevant stakeholders right beside a customer email and add notes for better understanding. All stakeholders are notified the moment someone @mentions them on notes. This saves the team from the hassle of using forwards and CCs.

We have team members collaborating on customer issues using Hiver, by being able to communicate back and forth through the platform. That’s been helpful.

Hiver's notes and @mention feature

Better Email Management, Improved Collaboration

Cohere Health has greatly benefitted from Hiver. From email assignments to analytics, Cohere Health is making the most of Hiver’s features to ensure no communication slips through the cracks. 

They can now direct queries to the right team, categorize, and even analyze emails to understand trends and performance. 

With the Notes and @mention features, they have transformed internal communication, allowing for efficient collaboration within the inbox, saving time and enhancing productivity.

Additionally, in case of any hiccups on the platform, Hiver’s 24/7 support team has always been proactive in assisting Taylor’s team. Be it a product query or an issue, Hiver’s support team is always just a click away. 

Hiver helps our team easily manage customer interactions, identify trends, and use data to celebrate progress. Hiver is a modern and user-friendly solution. I would say Hiver is smart. It really helps our team grow!
Taylor Garceau
Program Manager, Customer Success

Boston, Massachusetts


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Manage large volume of email tickets and analyze trends in these tickets.