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Travel agencies, struggling to keep your inbox organized?

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Table of contents

Travel agencies, struggling to keep your inbox organized?

Sep 26, 2023
3 min read

Table of contents

We’ve all resigned to the fact that email is an unavoidable part of running a business. If your inbox is becoming a mess, the only way to deal with it organizing it better.

Gmail has an unyielding weapon for organizing emails — Labels. They are like customizable folders that make it incredibly easy to stash and organize every message as it arrives.

With Labels, your emails become neatly organized.

Gmail Labels, in fact, can help you do much more than just categorizing emails.

What if you could do a lot more by using labels? Things such as:

  • Delegating tasks to your team and tracking
  • Relaying and tracking enquiries and bookings to your outstation teams
  • Keeping a track of quotations, and shared expenses
  • Coordinating with your certified public accountant, marketing agency, and event managers
  • Organizing legal documents and agreements
  • Keeping track of all invoices from suppliers and vendors

This is when Hiver comes into the picture.

Hiver lets you share your Gmail labels with your team.

When you share a label with someone, they get access to all the emails with that label.

No CCing. No forwarding.

There is a variety of ways in which you can use Shared Labels to manage emails and tasks better:

Improve collaboration across teams with Shared LabelsTry Hiver Free

Delegate tasks to your team, and track them

Want to delegate an email to Richard on your team? Create a label Task: Richard and share it with him. When he finishes the task, he can create a label Richard: Done and share it with you.

No emails to delegate tasks. No emails to track tasks.

Relay and track enquiries and bookings to outstation teams

Want to relay an inquiry to your team in Seattle? Create a Label Enquiry: Seattle and share it with your team there. They confirm the booking and share Booked: Seattle with you.

No forwarding emails for relaying requests. No confirmation emails from them. One step closer to inbox sanity.

Create a label for every property you receive enquiries for, and share them with the respective teams/owners.

Keep a track of quotations and shared expenses

To manage expenses, you can create labels such as Expenses: pending, Expenses: approved — share it with your team and the accountant.

No more forwarding emails to the accountant. No more ‘Done’ emails from them. Inbox peace.

Coordinate with your accountant, marketing agency, and event managers

Let’s say you want to participate in the ASTA Summit New York — you begin soliciting information from the event managers. Go ahead and create a Event: ASTA NY label and apply it to all emails you exchange with the event managers.

Later, you decide Lucy from your team will attend the summit. Share the label with her and she gets instant access to all the emails about the event.

You can create Label: Event name for every event you want to go to and share them with the teammate who will visit.

Create an Agreement: Property Name label for every property you deal with and share it with your entire team.

No more emailing to the legal team every time you want access to an agreement.

Keep track of all invoices from suppliers and vendors

Create a label for every supplier and add it to all the invoices you receive from them. For Phantom Limited, you can create an Invoice: Phantom label and share it with your team and accountant.

And that’s not it. There’s a lot more that comes with Hiver:

  • Manage mailboxes such as booking@, enquiry@ from one inbox
  • Create templates for repetitive emails; can share them with your team too
  • Use email notes for internal communication (You’d love this)
  • Set follow-up reminders

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