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Hiver updates: The all-new Hiver mobile app and more.

Hiver updates: The all-new Hiver mobile app and more.

Oct 03, 2023
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We’re back with a bang and super excited to release our all-new mobile app for both Android and iPhone users.

And that’s not all, some of your favorite features — Notes, Tags and Collision Alerts now have some cool enhancements for better usability.

Here’s what’s new:

  • New iOS and Android mobile apps which give you everything you
    need to manage your shared inboxes and collaborate with your team
    on-the-fly 🏃🏻‍
  • Tuned-up Collision Alerts which help you be more efficient 💪
  • Have more control over your Notes using the Edit feature 📝
  • An upgraded Tags section that’s easy to consume 👀
  • Adding Tags is now easy-breezy ✨

The all-new Hiver mobile app 🎉

We’ve taken your feedback and revamped the app from the ground-up.

Start collaborating with your teammates using your Hiver mobile apps for iOS and Android and bee 🐝 productive. This feature-packed, yet simple and intuitive Hiver mobile app is designed to help you work on-the-go.

Here’s what you can expect from this version:

  • Shared Inboxes: Manage email groups like support@, sales@
  • Views: Access all your ‘views’ including favorites, shared and private views
  • Email Assignments: Turn emails into actionable tasks and delegate them to your team members
  • Email Statuses: Stay on top of every conversation by managing emails’ statuses as open/pending/closed
  • Email Notes: Put an end to long and confusing email threads and collaborate with your team using notes and @mentions
  • Tags on conversations: Understand how you have categorized conversations using tags
  • Reply on Conversations: Send personalized responses to customers using your email address or other aliases
  • Notification Center: Keep track of all your tasks in one place, mark notifications read/unread
  • Push and In-app Notifications: Get real-time alerts for email assignment, @mentions, customer satisfaction surveys (CSAT),SLA violations and new conversations in your shared mailboxes

Views, Conversations, Activities

Views, Conversations, ActivitiesNotification centre
Notification centre

Get the Hiver apps for iOS and Android. Alternatively, search for ‘Hiver 2.0’ on the App/Play store.

Collision alert tune-up

With our latest addition to collision alerts, you’ll never step on someone else’s toes. 👯
Scrolled and read through the entire conversation only to know that someone else is already replying to the customer?

No more!

See who’s drafting a response as soon as you open a conversation and save your time by swiftly moving to the next conversation.

Collision alert on conversations

Collision alert on conversations

Enhancements to Notes

It’s only human to make mistakes. Whether it’s a typo or updating information in a note, you can now handle it easily through the edit notes feature. All users can only edit their own notes. Learn more about this.

Edit notes feature

Edit notes feature

Tags section upgrade

We’ve rejigged Tags in Hiver to help you become more productive. Under tags, we’re now only showing the count of unresolved (open, pending) conversations. We’ve also added separate tabs under the tags section for you to differentiate between unresolved and all conversations.

Tags section upgrade

Tags section upgrade

Adding tags is now easy-breezy

We’ve made it a lot easier for you to add tags to conversations.

Now easily pick from existing tags or create new ones by clicking on the ‘+’ button in the Hiver panel. And that’s not all, you can even customize the colors on these tags so that you can differentiate better between your email tags.

Adding tags on a conversation

Adding tags on a conversation

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