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[Infographic] Why Gmail turning 15 is a big deal

[Infographic] Why Gmail turning 15 is a big deal

Apr 05, 2023
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The notion that ‘Email is dying’ is as much a myth as it is a joke.

There might be dozens of swanky messaging apps out there, but nothing quite works like Email – it’s available to everyone, asynchronous in the way it works, and provides an easy way to organise your different conversations.

It even fits perfectly into the mobile ecosystem, with a simple, feature-rich interface. No other communication tool ticks all of these boxes.

Gmail is, in fact, a solid testimony to Email’s ascendancy over the years. With over 1.5 billion people using it, Google’s famous brainchild has only become more comprehensive over the years.

That was no different when Google amped things up yet again to commemorate Gmail turning 15. The slew of improvements (beware, there’s a lot of AI firepower) coming to Gmail means that you can now do more things on Email, and do it seamlessly, with minimal effort.

As a way of celebrating this landmark of Gmail, we’ve put together an infographic to show you (with numbers) how indispensable the platform is.

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