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2021 at Hiver: A year of Exponential Growth

2021 at Hiver: A year of Exponential Growth

Sep 21, 2023
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Hiver HQ
Ganesh Mukundan
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Turn Gmail into a collaborative hub

With 2022 nearly upon us, tis’ the time at Hiver where we unwind, relax, and look at our highlights reel from this year.

Because, what a year 2021 has been!

One of our most memorable years, and one that has been synonymous with growth. 

This was the year we really scaled up our team and crossed the milestone of 100 employees. But more importantly, we were also able to drive revenue exponentially and chart a vision for the future of Hiver — one that goes beyond email customer support (wait for a big announcement on this very soon).

The most fulfilling part of the year was, however, all the love we received from our customers. Without their support, we couldn’t have amassed over 650 positive customer reviews on popular software review site G2 or made it to their list of Top 10Highest Customer Satisfaction Products for 2021

2021 also bore witness to a very defining moment at Hiver as we started providing 24*7 customer support across live chat and email. We’ve always believed in providing quick, efficient support but with this move, we wanted to ensure that we’re there for our customers anytime anywhere – even on a lazy Sunday afternoon! 🙂  

But that’s not all. We published a comprehensive customer service benchmark report, took part in the biggest SaaS event of the year, and did a bunch of other exciting things! 

So, doesn’t a year as significant as this deserve a proper roundup? That’s why we made this cool infographic that captures all our best moments from 2021: 

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