Hiver, the world’s first Gmail-based helpdesk that does not store your emails

We are obsessed with keeping your data safe. We’ve especially developed processes, technologies, and policies that ensure we deliver on our data security promise. And that is why more than 8,000 teams count on us to keep their data safe and secure.


Hiver leads the way in security

Keeping your data safe is our top most priority. Hiver is the only customer service solution that does not store your emails


SOC 2 Type II Compliant


ISO 27001 Certified

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the 7-day free trial work?Drop Down

When you sign up, you instantly get access to our Elite plan for 7 days. We will email you when your trial expires. You can then select a plan and pay by credit card to continue using the product. If you choose not to continue, your account will be suspended.

What happens at the end of my trial period?Drop Down

If you do not upgrade your Hiver account during your trial period, your account will be suspended at the end of your trial. You can re-activate your account by upgrading within 7 days from the date of the end of your trial.

How do I import my existing emails
to my Hiver shared inbox?Drop Down

If you’d like your emails to be imported to your Hiver shared inbox, please write to us on [email protected] and we will assist you with the process. The duration of the import process depends on the number of emails to be imported.

Which features can I use during the trial?Drop Down

You get access to the Elite plan during your trial, which means you can use Hiver without any limits, and can also experience the best support we have to offer.

Do I need a credit card to sign up?Drop Down

No, you do not. You will only be required to produce your credit card information when you upgrade to a paid subscription.

Do I need to pay for all the users in
my Google Workspace (G Suite) account?Drop Down

No. You just pay for the users you enable to access Hiver. You can control this from within Hiver and change the users at any time. If you add new users to your Google Workspace (G Suite) account, you can easily add them to Hiver.

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