Hiver updates: Automated workflows. Better workload visibility

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Product Updates
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We’re back with yet another set of product updates from Hiver town! This update introduces an all-new approach to auto assignments and a major upgrade to the “Team” view. We’ve also sprinkled some goodness around how you consume the activity history of a conversation.

What’s new?

  • Auto-assign conversations with ease 🤖
  • Get better workload visibility with the redesigned team view 🔍
  • Enhanced activity timeline for easier readability ✨

All new Auto-assignment

The Auto-assignment feature helps automatically assign new conversations across users in your shared mailbox in a round-robin manner. You can select users who should automatically be assigned conversations. In addition to this, you can permanently exclude certain users from ever being automatically assigned conversations. This is handy when you want to exclude non-participating members of the shared mailbox. Learn more about this.


All new Auto-assignment

Redesigned team view

The “Team” view in Hiver helps you keep track of open conversations that your team’s currently working on. We’ve redesigned it to give you an overview of how the workload is distributed across your team in a single glance. Now you can make quick decisions on redistribution of work or even get your team to cover for a colleague in their absence with ease.


Redesigned “Team” view

Enhanced activity timeline

We’ve made improvements to the activity timeline, making it easier to consume the history of a conversation. We’ve grouped activities by day to give more prominence to the sequence of events and reduce clutter. In addition to this, you can use the “pop-out” feature to have a more detailed look at the activities.


Activity pop-out feature

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