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Hiver is discontinuing the Shared Contacts feature

Hiver is discontinuing the Shared Contacts feature

Sep 20, 2023
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When we post about our product on our blog, it’s always about new features we’re adding to Hiver. This one is different. This is about us deciding to discontinue a feature.

We built the Shared Contacts feature in Hiver around an year back after noticing that a lot of Google Apps (now G Suite) customers struggle to share Gmail contact groups within their companies. The feature has interested a lot of our users, and we have spent a lot of effort to make it work fast and accurately. But as we go deeper into how people use Gmail and how we can improve their workflows, we have realized that as a company, we are really passionate about solving the email problem, and want to focus all our resources there.

We’re a small team of 19 people, serving thousands of companies globally. It’s important for us to focus on a narrow feature set and solve some problems very very well, rather than do a lot of stuff half-heartedly. Given our focus on making email better for teams, we would like to focus all our resources and attention on that problem, and stop spending time on improving and streamlining our Shared Contacts feature.

The Shared Contacts feature will be discontinued on 10th December, 2016. Please note that the groups and contacts that you shared with Hiver would continue to be as they were before – it’s just the syncing of new contacts you add or existing contacts you edit that will stop after 10th December, 2016. If you use this feature, please contact us by reaching out on [email protected] and we’d recommend alternatives which will help you get broadly the same functionality you had with Hiver’s shared contacts.

We hope you will understand and appreciate the reasons behind our decision. We guarantee that we will more than make up for it by adding more features to Hiver that will significantly improve your email experience.

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