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Amp-up Your Live Chat’s Support Potential with Hiver Chatbots
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10,000+ teams use Hiver to delight their customers!

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10,000+ teams use Hiver to delight their customers!

Amp-up Your Live Chat’s Support Potential with Hiver Chatbots

Mar 11, 2024
2 min read
Hiver HQ

Table of contents

In an era where instant gratification and round-the-clock support have become the norm, businesses face the daunting challenge of meeting these expectations without compromising on the quality of customer service. Recognizing this gap, Hiver is excited to announce a significant update to its Live Chat feature with the addition of Chatbots. 

Through this update, Hiver introduces rule-based Chatbots, designed to offer swift, automated responses to user’s most frequently asked questions and streamlined bot-to-agent handoff for high-value queries. This enhancement will help customers of Hiver to  facilitate 24×7, efficient and effective communication with end customers.

Table of Contents

Getting Started with Hiver Chatbots is Easy!

Integrating Hiver Chatbots into your customer support system is straightforward, and designed to enhance your existing Live Chat setup without hassle. Here is a video that explains it:

Chatbot Configuration is easy. You can customize your chatbot via the Admin panel, including setting a display name. Hiver Chatbots are adept at managing incoming queries efficiently, providing automated answers to frequently asked questions and allowing agents to concentrate on more complex support needs through an intuitive agent handoff mechanism.

Trigger chatbots to have conversations whenever a user clicks on the chat bubble or you can set up chat nudges to automatically initiate automated support conversations on Live Chat. 

Chat flows: The heart of Hiver Chatbots lies in its ability to create logical and engaging chat flows. With Hiver’s Chatbot Flow Builder, businesses can design a structured conversation path with various blocks for action points—message delivery, offering multiple-choice questions (MCQs),assigning conversations to agents, and gathering user details through contact forms. 

This ensures a guided and interactive experience for users from start to finish. This is the look and feel of how you can create a Chatbot flow to implement on your Live Chat.

Three Reasons to Choose Hiver Chatbots

By leveraging Hiver Chatbots on top of a Live Chat, teams can:

#1 Enhance User Experience: Instant support and 24/7 availability boost customer satisfaction.

#2 Cut cost and reduce agent workload: Automate routine queries to free up agent time for more complex issues.

#3 Handle high-value queries efficiently: Smooth escalation from chatbots to live agents ensures that customers receive the help they need, on-time.

Get started today!

If you want to supercharge your team’s efficiency and deliver delightful always-on customer experience by automating the mundane, get started today! 

If you’re new to Hiver, set up a free trial today and explore how Chatbots and Hiver’s other powerful features can revolutionize your customer support. Your journey to deliver a delightful customer experience begins here!

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