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Get started (for free) with Hiver’s startup program. Bring email, chat,
knowledge base, WhatsApp and phone support right inside Gmail.

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Hiver gives you the most
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First 6 months


Next 6 months

50% discount


15% discount


  • Below series A and total funding less than $3 million
  • Less than 50 employees
  • Less than 3 years old tech startup
  • Association with one of our partners

Why do we have a startup program?
We’ve been there, done that. 

As a startup ourselves, we understand the unique challenges startups face and have tailored our program to provide the necessary resources, tools, and guidance to help you accelerate your growth.


Access to Tools

Kickstart your startup's growth with exclusive access to Hiver products.



Steer your startup with tailored advice and expert guidance.



Boost your growth with strong networking opportunities in the startup community.

Why 1000+
startups worldwide
prefer Hiver

24/7 support and
onboarding at no
extra cost


No hidden costs
or charges


Extremely easy to
setup and use


Save up to 30 to
compared to
other helpdesks


How does Hiver turn the 'ugh' in
software into 'aha'? 👇

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Where your Gmail becomes
something extraordinary

Bring all communication channels, inside Gmail

  • icon Manage email, live chat, and voice channel support from Gmail's left panel.
  • icon Build internal and external knowledge bases to drive self-service and deflect queries.
Discover how to do it all from Gmail

Work together as a team.

  • icon Collaborate on business queries with anyone across your organization.
  • icon Simply @mention your colleague and write them a note, which sits right next to the email thread.
Collaborate seamlessly

Focus on what matters. Leave the rest to us.

  • icon Automate repetitive tasks with conditional rules. Help your team save time and effort.
  • icon For instance, all queries on product bugs can be auto-assigned to a technical expert.
Automate repetitive tasks

Track. Measure. Analyze.

  • icon Improve team performance by analyzing in-depth reports and key metrics.
  • icon Identify bottlenecks in processes that need fixing. Spot high performers and ones who need coaching.
Get actionable insights

Bring all your work into Gmail.

  • icon Integrate with popular tools such as Slack, WhatsApp, Aircall, Asana, Salesforce, and more.
  • icon Turn Gmail into one holistic platform to manage tasks, projects, and multiple customer support channels.
Integrate with all your tools

10,000+ teams worldwide use Hiver for

Customer ServiceFinance Operations

People OperationsITSM

Our customers love us
for good reason

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I join Hiver for Startups if I am already a Hiver customer? Drop Down

Hiver for Startups is exclusive to startups without any prior billing history with Hiver. You won't be eligible for the startup program if you are already a Hiver customer.

What are the eligibility requirements for the program? Drop Down

To be eligible, your startup should be below Series A funding.

  • Received less than $3 million in total funding
  • Have less than 50 employees
  • Be less than 3 years old and associated with one of our partners

Are there user limits for free and discounted periods? Drop Down

Yes, each startup can have a maximum of 15 users per product on the PRO plan during the free and discounted periods. Additional users beyond this limit will be subject to standard pricing.

What benefits does the "Hiver for Startups" program offer? Drop Down

Eligible startups can sign up for Hiver's PRO plan free for the first 6 months, followed by a 50% discount for the next 6 months. Additionally, they gain access to guidance, mentorship, and our network of founders and investors.

Is my investor/accelerator partnered with Hiver for Startups? Drop Down

Contact our startup team at [email protected] to verify if your investor or accelerator is a partner. They will assist you based on your association with our partners.

What's the contract duration and eligible plan for the offer? Drop Down

The Hiver for Startup program offers a 12-month contract. The first 6 months are free, followed by 50% off for the next 6 months. After that, startups enjoy a lifetime 15% discount on Hiver's products.

Startups are a challenge, but
success is simple with Hiver.

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