Working remotely? Collaborate seamlessly over Gmail with Hiver

With Shared Inboxes, conversations happen seamlessly over email. Use Hiver to collaborate with your remote team conveniently without ever leaving your inbox

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Shared inbox for remote teams | Hiver
Why shared inbox for remote teams? | Hiver

Why should remote working teams use a shared inbox solution like Hiver?

For a workplace to run efficiently, visibility and communication is key. However, when your team is spread across cities and countries, this isn’t easy.

Hiver helps you communicate with your team faster and more efficiently over email - regardless of the distance. This helps remote teams collaborate over email in a familiar way while ensuring that nothing gets lost in confusion due to distance.

Collaborate with your team like you're in the same room

email delegation for remote teams | Hiver

Turn emails into actionable tasks and delegate them to your team members with just 2 clicks. Mark emails as Open, Pending, or Closed and always keep a tab on their status.

Email collaboration with notes for remote teams | Hiver

Use notes to collaborate with your team to respond to inquiries or solve issues your customers may be facing - without relying on external collaboration tools or meandering email threads.

Email activity timeline for remote teams | Hiver

Get a full history of all actions taken on an email with the activity timeline. Learn when it was marked open or closed, and see the discussions around the email.

Views for remote teams | Hiver

Quickly view all unassigned emails in one place. There’s no way you’re missing another email from your colleagues, clients or prospects again.

Make your remote team efficient

Email automation for remote team | Hiver

Get things done faster with smart Automations

Set up intelligent Automations in Hiver to assign emails to specific users based on email addresses or subject lines. Add tags to classify and filter emails easily.

shared inbox analytics for remote teams | Hiver

Get in-depth team performance insights with analytics

Hiver’s shared inboxes allow you to track key metrics from the Analytics Dashboard. You can use these actionable insights to track employee productivity, identify areas of improvement, and fix them

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Hiver’s shared inboxes allow every person in my team to see what their colleagues are doing, regardless of which country they are in. Having the Notes section on the side to me is the most powerful part of Hiver as it allows us to talk to our team about an issue without leaving Gmail.

Hiver customer Virginia Trowbridge Reali