Power up your operations with
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Allocate work effortlessly. Make your team accountable.
Easily track the progress of orders/tasks. Give yourself a

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Managing your company’s operations can get

You’re forced to forward emails to allocate work to your team. It is certainly not the best way to build accountability.

Orders and invoices get delayed because nobody in your team is really sure who has to work on them. Some emails even go unattended.

Tracking the status of emails is again not easy. Who is working on what and when - getting these answers takes a lot of asking around.

Hiver changes all of that, and more

Conquer your inboxes for good

Managing emails does not have to be difficult. Let Hiver
do some heavy lifting while you focus on bigger things.

Never drop the ball on work

Turn fulfillment@ or delivery@ emails into actionable tasks and assign them to your teammates. Give every email an owner so that nothing falls through the cracks. You can safely say goodbye to delays. Learn more about Email Delegation

Allocate work effortlessly (even automatically)

Assign emails to your team automatically based on conditions. For example, you can have every order from the acmecorp routed to Sarah - without even having to think about it. Making your team accountable is not difficult anymore.

Maintain order information right alongside emails

Every time you want to broadcast information about an order, you can write a Note next to the email and it will be visible to the entire team. No more forwarding emails to everyone. No sticky notes on your monitor.

Track progress - never miss project milestones

You can track the progress of every email based task without breaking a sweat. What’s happening, who’s involved, and by when it will be done - you’ll have all the answers.

We love Hiver! As a team lead, I am most excited for the visibility I now
have into the workflow of my entire team.

Julia Troutt, Manager at Vacasa

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