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Why should you use a shared inbox solution for your logistics business

The logistics services industry is the backbone of global supply chains. Logistics companies help in the acquisition of goods, their transport and managing them during transit in the supply chain. Logistics companies today operate on a global scale with complex partnerships and within tight time constraints. Managing communication both internally as well as externally with prospects, customers, and vendors is key to effectively navigating this complex landscape.

A shared inbox solution like Hiver can help you stay on top of all your emails, be it freight, cargo, importing, exporting, shipping or even 3PL - all in one place.

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Get complete visibility into all your
communication without leaving Gmail

Make email delegation effortless Make email delegation effortless

Assign and track incoming emails effortlessly

Delegate emails to your team members with just 2 clicks using Hiver. Eliminate Ccs/Bccs/Forwards and turn emails into actionable tasks. Mark emails as Open, Pending, or Closed and always keep a tab on their status.

Make email delegation effortless Make email delegation effortless

Ensure a high degree of accountability

Get a full history of all actions taken on an email with the activity timeline right beside the email thread. Learn when it was marked open or closed, and see what your team talked about.

Make email delegation effortless Make email delegation effortless

Don’t drop the ball on emails

Create SLA (Service Level Agreement) rules to ensure you never drop the ball on email responses. When an SLA is violated, Hiver sends an instant notification to the team and attaches an SLA violation tag to the email. This SLA violation is also seen in the email activity feed.

Make email delegation effortless Make email delegation effortless

Make internal team collaboration faster

Use notes to collaborate with your team to respond to inquiries or solve issues your customers may be facing without relying on email forwards, Ccs or external collaboration tools. @mention teammates to notify them and have them respond to issues faster.

Put your communication
on the fast track

Delight your clients

Never miss an email again

Receive notifications about tasks and notes with @mentions for you so that you never miss an important email again.

Delight your clients

Customer happiness made simple

Instantly measure customer satisfaction with CSAT surveys that you can add to emails sent using Hiver so that you can collect feedback and measure the quality of your responses.

Delight your clients

Lightning-fast email responses

In the logistics services industry, time is of the essence. Create email templates and use them right from the Gmail compose window for lightning-fast replies.

Make your shared inbox
do the grunt work for you

Repetitive tasks

Automate mundane tasks

Set up intelligent automations in Hiver to assign emails to specific users based on email addresses or subject lines. Add tags to classify and filter emails easily.

Repetitive tasks

Get in-depth team performance insights

Hiver’s shared inboxes allow you to track key metrics from the analytics dashboard. Use these actionable insights to identify areas of improvement, and fix them proactively.

Shared inboxes you should create
for your logistics business

Hiver Mailbox
Hiver Mailbox
Hiver Mailbox

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Hiver Logistics Customers Hiver Logistics Customers
Nathan Strang

The team loved it instantly.

The biggest benefits of Hiver are visibility and a reduction in missed work. I have much better visibility into where an issue is on the resolution path. And we’ve stopped missing emails.

Nathan Strang

Ocean Freight Operations Manager at Flexport

Case study

Flexport handles emails in 50% less time with Hiver

Everything you need in a reliable and secure shared
inbox solution for your logistics business

We are obsessed with keeping your data safe. We’ve especially developed processes, technologies, and policies that ensure we deliver on our data security promise. And that is why more than 1500 businesses count on us to keep their data safe and secure.

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