Make your IT help desk simpler
and faster

Your employees rely on you for assistance. Don’t make them
wait. Make sure your team works in sync to take care of their
requests quickly.

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Hiver Shared Inbox IT Admins Email Assignment Illustration

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Hiver Shared Inbox IT Admins Illustration

Solving an array of issues every day is not

From service disruptions to asset requests, IT help desks always have a lot of emails waiting to be attended to.

Because forwarded emails don’t do a great job at building accountability, some urgent requests get delayed.

To add to that, there’s a lot of back and forth of emails when teammates have to work together to troubleshoot. It all becomes a little sluggish.

Hiver fixes all of that, for good.

Hiver helps you stay right on top of employee requests

When you’re the single point of contact for your employees in need, you’ve
got to be prepared.

Hiver Shared Inbox IT Admins Email Assignment

Make someone accountable for
every request

Give every request a clear owner - by assigning them as tasks to your team. Emails will never go unattended again.

Hiver Shared Inbox IT Admins Feature Email Automations

Route issues quickly with

Automate all lost-password emails to be assigned to Mark and all app requests to Macy. Things move fast that way.

Hiver Shared Inbox IT Admins Feature Email Notes

Help your teammates work together

Make internal discussions easy. Your teammates discuss asset requests without having to write more emails.

Hiver Shared Inbox IT Admins Feature Email Collaboration

Escalate issues to teammates in
a jiffy

Everyone on your team can reassign tricky issues or authorization to senior members on the team. It just takes a couple of clicks - no forwards or CCs.

Hiver Shared Inbox IT Admins Feature SLA and Business Hours

Cater to every request within a
reasonable time frame

Set the right expectations for your team by creating SLA rules. You will never keep an employee waiting for an answer again.

Hiver Shared Inbox IT Admins Feature Email Analytics

Improve processes with the
right insights

Find out what type of problems take more time to troubleshoot, or who needs more training. Take informed decisions.

Hiver Love

Hiver works like a charm. It is simple to install, simple to use, and
instantaneously takes the pain out of email management.

Kate Sullivan, Lonely Planet

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