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Be it K-12 Schools, colleges, universities or other educational institutes, use Hiver’s shared inboxes to support your students, staff, and campus community, all without leaving Gmail.
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Why should you use a shared inbox solution for your education institute

Education institutes have several teams that work tirelessly behind the scenes. There are dedicated teams to help prospective students who may have questions about courses, scholarships, or application statuses. Administrative teams are tasked with organizing classes, collecting fees, managing accommodation, and sponsorships among other things.
Instead of overwhelming your staff with complex tools that require a steep learning curve, a shared inbox solution like Hiver can help you effortlessly manage your communication without leaving Gmail.

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Emails made
faster and simpler

Make email delegation effortless Make email delegation effortless

incoming emails

Turn emails into actionable tasks and delegate them to your team members with just 2 clicks. Mark emails as Open, Pending, or Closed and always keep a tab on their status.

Make email delegation effortless Make email delegation effortless

Make internal team
collaboration easier

Use notes to collaborate with your team to respond to inquiries or solve issues your staff and students may be facing without relying on email forwards, Ccs or external collaboration tools. @mention teammates to notify them and have them respond to
issues faster.

Make email delegation effortless Make email delegation effortless

Respond faster with
email templates

Administrative and IT teams in educational institutes usually spend a lot of time answering repetitive queries. Create email templates and use them right from the Gmail compose window for lightning-fast replies.

Make email delegation effortless Make email delegation effortless

Put an end to
missed emails

Create SLA (Service Level Agreement) rules to ensure you never miss responding to an email. When an SLA is violated, Hiver sends an instant notification to the team and attaches an SLA violation tag to the email. This SLA violation is also seen in the email
activity feed.

All the features you need,
without the complexity

Delight your clients

Save time with automations

Set up intelligent automations in Hiver to assign emails to specific users based on email addresses or subject lines. Add tags to classify and filter emails easily.

Delight your clients

Stay on top of all email activity

Stay on top of all email activity with Hiver's activity timeline and ensure a high degree of accountability.

Delight your clients

Make your team more efficient

Hiver’s shared inboxes allow you to track key metrics from the analytics dashboard. Use these actionable insights to identify areas of improvement, and make your team more efficient.

Take your email
productivity up a notch

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Bid goodbye to
duplicate responses

Avoid sending duplicate and conflicting email responses with collision alerts in Hiver. With real-time alerts, you’ll never step on someone’s toes again.

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Connect Hiver to
your favorite apps

Connect your Hiver shared inboxes with other tools like Slack and Zapier and always stay connected with your ecosystem of student and facilities management apps.

More features

Shared inboxes you should create for
your education institute

Hiver Mailbox
Hiver Mailbox
Hiver Mailbox

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Sonia cruz vacasa

No more email issues

We used to receive complaints from sponsors, faculty members, administrators, and others, asking why employees hadn’t responded to emails. Since we started using Hiver, I rarely receive complaints.,

Matt Smith

Associate Director, OSP at Boise State University

Case study

Boise State University overcomes critical email management challenges with Hiver

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