Arctic Invent uses Hiver to eleminate communication bottlenecks

Arctic Invent is a specialized team of patent engineers and attorneys making IPR filing a breeze for companies running an R&D department or an Intellectual Property operation.

They primarily cater to small and medium size businesses, and keep their processes very lean. They strive to be available for their clients spread across the globe right when they need them — flexibility is a core value.

For a distributed team that wants to be flexible while keeping its operations lean, effective communication becomes a way of life.





The customer support process was sluggish

Managing the support@ email address was becoming chaotic. There was no natural way to assign emails as tasks. Emails would haphazardly flow between the support and individual addresses.

The entire team was never on the same page. It was getting difficult to ascertain who is working on what. Knowing the status of tasks was an absolutely tedious exercise.

The capabilities Hiver adds to their customer support engine

Assign emails as tasks without forwarding them

A couple of clicks is all it takes to assign an email as a task to a teammate.

Quickly identify who is working on a client or a project

Hiver brings in a lot of transparency by letting everyone know who is working on what.

Track the status of projects and tasks with absolute ease

View assigned and pending emails from the Gmail sidebar

Keep your internal and external communication neatly separated

Communicate internally using Email Notes with @mentions. No more confusing CCs, Fwds and BCCs.

Avoid duplicate and conflicting responses

Get notified when a colleague is responding to a customer. Collision Alerts ensure a customer never receives two emails about the same thing.

Hiver has increased our team’s efficiency by more than 20% and helped us reduce error rates significantly

Govind Kedia

VP - Arctic Invent