Organizing emails has never been easier

Categorize emails by adding one or more tags. Perform bulk actions effortlessly.

Add tags automatically

Use automations that add tags based on conditions you set. For example, have every email that comes from tagged as ‘Priority’.

Perform bulk actions

Select multiple emails and apply a tag in one go.

If you use Hiver for customer support, you can use Tags to cluster your customer emails by the kind of questions you receive or problems being reported.

If you use Hiver for sales, you can use Tags to organize emails by geographies or lead status.

More Features

Email Templates

Send blazing fast responses with Email templates

Explore Email Templates

Email Notes

Communicate internally minus the Forwards / CC / BCC

Explore Email Notes

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80% faster with Hiver

Great software without changing systems.

We have a lot of emails coming in daily that would otherwise hit each team member’s personal inbox. With Hiver, we’ve sped up our email responses and our inboxes are clutter-free.