Measure customer satisfaction without
complicating things

You get more feedback when giving feedback is easy

Know instantly if your customers’ expectations are being met

CSAT is the most straightforward way to know if you did a good job solving the customer’s problem.

CSAT score is calculated by asking a simple question such as “How satisfied were you with the conversation?”, followed by survey scale that can be 1-3, 1-5, or 1-10.

CSAT = [Number of Satisfied ratings - Number of Not satisfied ratings ] %

Hiver lets you do one better by adding a personal touch to your CSAT survey - tweak the question based on the context of the conversation with the customer.

Looking to get to the bottom of an issue? Add a follow-up question to understand what went wrong with a customer.

You can now save time doing all of this. With a single click, automate inserting a CSAT survey at the end of emails you’re sending out.

Learn how to add CSAT surveys to emails you send from Hiver’s shared inboxes

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