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Email Management
Franchise owner: Manage emails, generate more revenue

Franchise owner: Manage emails, generate more revenue

Mar 19, 2021
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Harsh Vardhan
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Turn Gmail into a collaborative hub

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Turn Gmail into a collaborative hub

For Franchise owners, keeping customers happy and building strong business relationships are the only ways to grow fast without having to spend a lot of money.

The one skill you require to achieve both — effective communication.

If you are a franchise owner and use Gmail for business, here is how Hiver will help you keep customers, staff, and the franchisor happy:

Great customer service

  • You will be able to organize and prioritize incoming customer emails with ease
  • You will send them proposals and quotations effortlessly and without delays
  • You will easily delegate customer emails to your staff (without having to forward emails)
  • Your customer support does not get interrupted when someone from your staff is on holiday

Efficient staff

  • Your entire team would know who is taking ownership of a customer request
  • When one member is absent, others would be able to take over the work without having to log into a different account
  • You will have access to data to help you improve customer and sales responses
  • Tracking performance of your staff (who is replying to what kind of emails and how long it takes them) becomes easy
  • Training a new employee to attend customer emails will be easier than ever

Strong relations with your franchisor

  • You will promptly act on emails from your franchisor
  • You will have someone remind you about sending reports to the franchisor
  • You will be able to organize all training emails from the franchisor in one place
  • You will never miss a meeting with them again


Now that you have a fair idea of the change Hiver can bring about to your franchise, let’s understand how all of that actually happens.

Great customer support


In a time when everyone is already doing their bit to keep customers happy, how do you differentiate yourself?

By solving the same customer problem in less time. By ensuring that no customer has to wait beyond a reasonable time frame. By ensuring that a customer never has to send you a reminder about their problem.

Basically, you need to implement an email management system that makes dealing with customer emails effortless — this is where Hiver comes in.

I am sure you have a support@ or contact@ email address (also known as a shared inbox) which is handled by you and a few staff members.

Hiver lets you manage shared inboxes right from your inbox. You do not have to log into another account to access it. When a new customer email comes in, everyone who is a part of the shared inbox gets a notification right inside their personal inbox.

Anyone in the team can delegate a customer email to another teammate in 2 clicks, without having to forward it. Keeping track of these tasks is very simple too.

You get strong automation capabilities too. Specify conditions based on which emails will get assigned to a particular staff member automatically.

Your team can also set email reminders for when they have to write back to the customer.

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Efficient staff


Your customer support is only as good as your weakest staff member. You cannot build a strong customer support engine unless your staff knows how to work efficiently as a team.

With Hiver, everyone in your team knows who is working on what. Two staff members would never end up working on or replying to the same email.

Internal conversations would become very smooth with Hiver’s Email Notes. Your staff will no longer have to CC, BCC, or forward emails to communicate with each other.

When one staff member is on a holiday, others would be able to fill the gaps without having to ask for access to a personal account.

You will have access to data to help you improve customer and sales responses. Tracking performance of your staff (who is replying to what kind of emails and how long it takes them) becomes easy.

With Hiver’s Shared Labels, it will be very easy to train new employees about how to interact with customers.

Strong relations with your franchisor


The one relationship that will always bear results is the one you have with your franchisor.

For times when you want to focus on something critically important to your business, you can have Hiver automatically assign all emails from your franchisor to a staff member.

Situations where your staff needs help, they can assign it back to you, or write an Email Note to you. All of this happens without having to send an email.

Tracking the emails your staff sends to the franchisor can again be done using Hiver’s Shared Inbox. You can monitor conversations even when you’re not CC’d in the email.

Additionally, every time you have to get back to the franchisor with an update or when you have a meeting with them, Hiver will let you set email reminders.

Hiver’s Shared Labels will help you organize emails under labels that can be shared with anyone in your team. This will be useful when you’d want all branding or training resources stacked together inside your inbox.

Looking to learn more? Talk to our experts and they will show you exactly how Hiver works best for your business. Sign up for a Demo.

Harsh is the content lead at Hiver. He's jocular, loves dogs, and is always up for a road trip. He also reads - when Netflix gets boring.

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