7 Tools to Supercharge Your Google AdWords Campaigns

By Ashwin Satyanarayana
Supercharge Google Adwords

Google AdWords is amazing - almost anyone with any budget can start running campaigns instantly. You have global reach for your ads at the click of a few buttons, and its amazingly easy to get started, select some keywords, set up some ads and start getting relevant traffic to your website.

While your AdWords account gives plenty of tools to set up, analyze and refine your campaigns, there are a host of third party tools available that help you gain competitive intelligence, insights and get a lot of strategic help. These tools can help you supercharge your AdWords campaigns and make sure you get the maximum possible bang for every buck you spend on AdWords.

Here are some of them:



Know about Quality Score for your keywords? You should, because they are critical to running a profitable campaign. Google assigns a quality score to all your keywords, and it is calculated by Google's mysterious algorithms based on the relationship between your keyword, ad that would trigger on that keyword and the target landing page that you have set up for the ad. Getting high quality scores for all your keywords is very important to run a good campaign.

Enter TenScores. It helps you track and optimize the quality scores for all your keywords. You can see how your keywords are doing over time, which ones need attention and which should be retired. If you are running a campaign with a large number of keywords, you should give TenScores a try immediately.



Since the popular Google Keywords tool has been shelved, it’s become a tad cumbersome to do quick research on any given set of keywords as prelim research for your campaigns. Thankfully, alternatives exist. One such alternative is WordTracker’s Keyword Tool, which has now been reworked to ad new features to allow you to conduct keyword research globally to uncover high-performance keywords even in international markets, according to Edith MacLeod of wordtracker.com.

Wordtracker also has a Link Builder tool to help you run complete SEM campaigns (including SEO and content marketing). The paid version of WordTracker makes it easy to plan your online marketing. Tap into the large database that retrieves about 2000 results off a single search. It also helps you organize your keywords, prospecting opportunities, links, and a host of other things on the web (so, good bye spreadsheets). Of course, there’s support too.



If about 800,000 advertisers are up to something, they really must be on to something. Mix Rank’s proprietary technology continually tracks contextual and banner ad campaigns deployed by thousands of advertisers. What that means for you is that there’s a steadily growing database of all sorts of advertising campaigns, complete with screenshots, insider information on landing pages, and traffic sources.

As an advertiser, you can find out who’s bidding on Google Ad Words against you, learn from others’ successful campaigns, monitor the results of split-tests that your competition is working on, and dig out the best performing landing pages that work for your competition. It’s the best kind of competitive intelligence your money could buy.

Keyword Spy

KeyWord Spy

Talking about competitive intelligence, there are more tools available of course. Since keyword research is almost at the very beginning and a the end of your Google Ad campaigns, Keyword Spy allows you to spy on your competitors best performing keywords. You can discover the keywords that work for your competition, dig into fresh (updated daily) database of keywords, check out how much a competitor spends for Google Ad Words, find profitable keyword + ad combinations, etc. Keyword Spy also gives you real-time tracking, affiliate intelligence, and advanced reporting tools.



More often than not, it doesn’t make sense to run Google Ad Word campaigns without proper landing pages to backup the ads you will want to display. If you were running multiple campaigns (for different products or services, as an example), how could you possibly come up with so many types and varieties of landing pages so quickly?

Well, use unbounce.com. The popular landing page creation and analysis tool helps you set up landing pages almost instantly without any HTML or CSS coding required. You can also use their intensive A/B testing features to continuously working on the best landing pages that would work best with your ads. With Unbounce.com, you have landing page templates, A/B testing, page analytics, and a whole lot more.

Again, no coding needed!



Wordstream has an entire suite of tools to help you with your Ad campaigns on Google. Pull any of these off the shelf to run better Ad Word campaigns: AdWords performance Grader, AdWords Quality Score Tool, AdWords Ad Text Generator, AdWords Text Tool, AdWords Keyword tool, and AdWords Bid Tool. Its a fairly exhaustive set of tools, but its expensive, and might only fit marketers who are running campaigns with large budgets.

Raven Tools


If you're looking for a tool that will also help your SEO and content marketing, Raven Tools might just be right for you. For your AdWords campaign, Raven Tools would give you better keywords management and easier to understand campaign analytics than are available in AdWords by Google. It would also let you create a wide variety of custom reports. If you are a marketer who is managing campaigns for your customers, it might be just the right tool for you.

What are your go-to tools for Google Ad Word campaigns? What are some of the tools you cannot live without? Share your thoughts with us below.

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