Deliver excellent customer service with SLA monitoring

Service Level Agreements (SLAs) help manage customer expectations and keep support teams accountable for timely resolutions. With Hiver, teams can set up and modify help desk SLAs to prioritize queries and deliver outstanding support.

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Track and manage emails smartly with SLAs

  • Address customer conversations timely with SLA-based reminders
  • Prioritize emails better by comparing their defined SLA in Gmail list-views
  • Easily distinguish between First Response Time and Resolution Time SLAs
  • View all overdue & due soon conversations in just a few clicks

Configure SLAs effortlessly

  • Create, edit or delete SLAs in just a few clicks using Hiver’s intuitive interface
  • Configure SLA violation conditions depending on the types of emails

Configure multiple SLAs

  • Set up different SLAs for different email categories
  • Configure multiple SLA rules to prioritize and track email responses

Handle SLA violations
with ease

  • Ensure smooth escalation of all SLA violations
  • For any violation, Hiver automatically notifies teams with an ‘SLA violation’ tag on the email

Set up Business Hours for your shared inboxes

  • Define operating hours for all your shared inboxes
  • Manage SLAs based on your team’s business hours
  • Set up custom business hours if you have a global customer base or teams across multiple time zones

Monitor SLA
performance centrally

  • View detailed SLA compliance and violation reports for each email conversation
  • Get in-depth insights using filters for SLA policy, FRT violation time, and RT violation time
  • Analyze SLA trends in your preferred way with custom SLA reports
  • Schedule regular SLA reports to stay on top of SLA performance

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With Hiver, I have much better visibility into where an issue is on the resolution path. And we've stopped missing emails. It is essentially like having an additional person on my team.

Nathan Strang
Nathan Strang

Ocean Freight Operations Manager


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