Get your team to work in sync inside Gmail

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    Delegate marketing emails as tasks

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    Collaborate with your team using Email Notes

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    Keep track of your team's conversations and tasks

For seamless collaboration inside Gmail

Sync Gmail labels in seconds

Shared Gmail Labels

Add Gmail labels like Task: Greg or Event: Marketing Summit to emails and share them in seconds.

Eliminate internal cc/Bcc/Forwards

Marketing teams using Hiver have no email clutter. They use notes for conversations within the team and inside Gmail.

Track activities
Track Activity

Shared Gmail Drafts

Work together on customer emails with shared email drafts.

Advanced Tools for Marketing Professionals

“One of the best productivity tools we are using right now"
The opportunity to share emails between colleagues without having to send emails back and forth. This is priceless!

Michael F, Seshat Consulting

Built for Gmail and G Suite

Hiver is really easy to use. Get started in seconds.

Discover the best way for teams to manage their email.