Manage expense@ finance@ accounting@ right from your Gmail

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    Create and share labels for transactions

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    Delegate finance emails as tasks

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    Keep track of all conversations and tasks

For seamless collaboration within finance team

Sync Gmail labels in seconds

Shared Gmail Labels

Add Gmail labels like Invoices: Done or Expenses: Approved to emails and share them in seconds.

Eliminate internal cc/Bcc/Forwards

Finance teams using Hiver have no email clutter. They use notes for conversations within team and inside Gmail.

Track activities
Track Activity

100% Secure

Hiver does not store your emails. The communication and data transfer between Hiver servers and Google’s server happen over a secure TLS encrypted connection.

Advanced Tools for Finance Professionals

“If you live in Gmail or Google suite (apps) in a team environment you simply need to use Hiver.”
Tim J, CFO, Golden Hotels Pty Ltd.

Built for Gmail and G Suite

Hiver is really easy to use. Get started in seconds.

Discover the best way for teams to manage their email.