Shared Mailbox

Turn Gmail into a powerful helpdesk. Manage shared email accounts like effortlessly from Gmail.

Assign emails to team members
and mark them done

Access Shared mailbox and track tasks

Collision Detection

Get notified when someone else is replying to an email in a shared mailbox or to an email shared with you using shared labels.

Know when someone else is
replying to an email

Shared Labels

Share your Gmail labels to assign emails as tasks, track their status, and share information easily. Shared Labels work from all email clients like Outlook, Thunderbird, iOS, Android etc.

Assign emails as tasks just by adding Gmail labels

Share Gmail labels with your team

Get notified about new tasks

Shared Contacts

Share your Google Contact groups with any Gmail or Google Apps user. Contact details, notes, custom fields - everything syncs in seconds

Contact changes sync in seconds, even notes and custom fields

Share Gmail contact groups

Send Emails Later

Schedule emails to be sent at a later date. See what is scheduled to be sent simply in your Gmail Drafts

Schedule emails to be sent later

Email Reminders/Snooze

Bump emails back to your inbox at any date in the future. The simplest way to remind yourself about upcoming tasks

Email Notes

Write notes on email conversations. Notes get shared automatically if you share the email conversation with shared labels

Shared Email Templates

Write emails once, and reuse them later. Share email templates with your team-mates

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