Who said great Customer
Support can’t happen
within Gmail?

Hiver brings all the features of a traditional helpdesk
solution right inside Gmail

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Hiver is loved by customers
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"Hiver is an amazing substitute for traditional help desk software. We love the ease of use, and the ability to work from Gmail. The learning curve is virtually zero."
"Hiver works great without making you change systems. We've sped up our time of response and cleaned our inboxes."
"This functionality really—imho—should be offered as part of Gmail/Google Apps. Until they do, just get Hiver."

Hiver lets you do awesome customer support
right from Gmail


Assign emails to your team effortlessly. Track their status with precision.


Sync up on customer emails minus the FWDs, CCs, and BCCs.


Know how your team is doing. Identify roadblocks and work on them.


Improve your team’s responsiveness by automating repetitive tasks.


Easy-as-pie email delegation and tracking

Instead of complicating things by taking emails outside Gmail, Hiver lets you delegate emails to your team right from Gmail. All it takes is 2 clicks from the Gmail sidebar.

Tracking the emails you delegated is again effortless. You will not have to ask around to know the status of emails. Hiver gives you a crystal clear view of your team’s workflow.

Shared Inbox

2-Click Deligation

Ticket Status


Your team is in sync and confusion-free

Give up the traditional ways to communicate — No FWDs, CCs, and BCCs. Use Email Notes to communicate with your team. Give your inbox a breather.

Work together on email responses by sharing drafts with your team. Write an email and have your colleague review it.

Email Notes

Shared Drafts

Collision Alerts

You get alerted when someone is responding to an email you’re seeing. Say goodbye to duplicate and conflicting responses

When your team is on the same page, you help customers quickly.


Get deep insights into how your team is doing

Customer support teams cannot afford to be complacent. To keep customers happy, you have to continuously get better at handling emails. You’d want to know who’s doing great and who needs coaching to do better.

Hiver gives you access to all vital support metrics. From response time to resolution time — unlike legacy help desk software, you get support analytics right inside Gmail.


No grunt work — automate mundane tasks

You’d want your team to focus on solving customers’ problems, and not on trivial and repetitive tasks.

Hiver lets you automate repetitive actions using easy-to-set-up rules.

  • Automatically assign emails to a certain user based on rules
  • Change email status from open to close when conditions are met
  • Assign emails to multiple users doing 'round robin' type assignment


Auto Responder


Built for Gmail and G Suite

Hiver is really easy to use. Get started in seconds.

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