Your helpdesk is a silo

There. We said it.

It’s a safe haven of customer context that only ‘agents’ in your organization have the key to.

For some reason, somewhere along the way we got okay with the fact that it’s fine to lock out the rest of the organization from customer communication.

We got okay with this fact even though we realized every individual in an organization ultimately exists for the customer, invented the term ‘customer experience’ and pledged to make ‘customer happiness’ an organization-wide mission.

Yet, we kept using helpdesk software that divided an organization into agents and non-agents, and deprived the rest of the organization from benefiting from customer interactions.

We asked ourselves how we can put ourselves in the customer’s shoes in order to do better marketing, make better products or streamline operations. But even as we asked these questions, every opportunity to collaborate and learn directly from customer interactions was lost because of the aloofness of the helpdesk.

Helpdesk products, designed with the philosophy of containing customer communication and allowing access only to customer support agents, very naturally get in the way of such collaboration and learning.

Your customer communication should be something your entire organization participates in, contributes to and learn from. But your helpdesk keeps it out of bounds.

You want to make customer happiness an organization-wide mission. But your helpdesk is unwittingly coming in the way of free flow of information.

And that’s not all. It’s dehumanizing communication to an extent that it’s turning your customers into ticket numbers, and putting a faceless, robotic entity between you and your customers.

We think it's time.

Time for a change.

Time to demand better.

Time to do right by our customers.

Hence, we present to you Hiver.

We stand for everyone in your organization having access to customer context.

We stand on the very strong shoulders of Gmail and make access to customer communication easy and intuitive for your entire organization.

We’re not the biggest fans of ticket numbers and get a tad bit jarred by what a helpdesk does to an email. We kind of like it when communication flows between two individuals and not by a faceless [email protected].

We are here to break the information silos.

We are here to enable the firing of neurons that happen when exchange of ideas take place and we hear people talk about their problems in their own words.

We are here to bury tickets.

We are the human way of doing customer service.