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Sign up for Hiver’s annual plan and

  1. Get 20% off
  2. Pay on a monthly basis
  3. Delight your customers with world-class support

Trusted by over 1500 companies across the world

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Hiver’s Black Friday Deal explained

Is it a monthly or annual contract? Drop Down

The contract is annual (12 months). But, you will be billed on a monthly basis.

How long is the offer valid?Drop Down

The offer is valid until December 12, 2022.

What happens if you cancel Hiver before the contract (for 12 months) runs out?Drop Down

Hiver will look at how many months are left in the contract and charge the customer the remaining amount in one go. As an example, if you’re paying us $400 every month and you cancel the contract with 6 months to go, Hiver will charge you $400*6 = $2400 at the time of cancellation.

Is there a discount involved?Drop Down

Yes. In addition to paying on a monthly basis (for an annual contract),you get 20% off on any plan (Lite, Pro, Elite).

Who can avail this offer?Drop Down

1. All new customers

2. Those who have taken a free trial with Hiver in the past.

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Hiver is like having another person on my team. Achieving this level of coordination without Hiver would take 50-100% more time.
Nathan Strang
Nathan Strang Ocean Freight Operations Manager, Flexport
Trusted by over 1500 companies

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