Hiver Usage Daily Limits

Limit Free Plan During Trial Plus Plan Enterprise Plan
Total conversations through Shared Mailbox (daily) 10 unlimited unlimited unlimited
Emails shared per Shared Label (daily) 50 100 1000 2000
Total emails shared (daily) 50 250 5000 10000

Need to share more emails? Write to and we shall figure out a solution for you.

Q1. What would make an email contribute to this limit being used?

Any email to which you apply any shared label or remove any shared label from contributes to this limit. Please note that adding multiple shared labels would lead to the email being counted multiple times.

Please also note that if you add a new user to a shared label with a large number of existing emails, the syncing of the emails to the new user's account would use up the limit.

Q2. How is this limit calculated?

The usage is calculated on a 24 hours 'rolling basis'. What that means is, every hour, we calculate the total number of emails synced in the last 24 hours. If the number is equal or more than the limit, we don't sync any more emails. So actually, you'd hardly ever find that your sync is held up for a full 24 hours (as we're checking if the account is out of the limit every hour). The sync actually resumes in under an hour.

Q3. Are any emails missed if the syncing of labels is stopped due to the limit being hit?

No emails are ever missed. Hiver resumes syncing from exactly where it left when the sync was stopped.