Hiver and Slack

Hiver now integrates with Slack - which means you can receive
notifications about Hiver events on Slack

Say goodbye to switching between tools

Send alerts about new emails to Slack

You get an alert in Slack every time a new email arrives in a shared inbox. The alert also includes a link to open that email. You can specify which channel you’d want the notification to arrive in.

Send assignment alerts to individuals

The moment you assign an email to someone, they receive a personal notification about it via the Slackbot. Super useful for the ones who keep email notifications to a minimum but would still want to know right when a task is assigned to them.

Send Email Notes to Slack

You get a notification in Slack every time someone writes a Note to you using @mentions. Comes in handy when you want to receive a notification only when you’re mentioned specifically (and keep the rest of the chatter at bay).