We're very excited about what we're building, and if you love to code and are looking to build something great, we're sure you'd have a great time working with us at Hiver. We're hiring for our development team in Bangalore(India), and we're looking for you if:

  1. You're an exceptional PHP/Python programmer with good Javascript experience.
  2. Care highly about user experience. We're fanatic about it.
  3. You can understand what we're trying to do with our product, and translate that into clean, modular code.
  4. You can have scale and security+privacy considerations running as parallel threads in your mind every minute you spend designing and writing code.
  5. Once you know what needs to be accomplished, you can work completely independently.
  6. Have a "sense of design" - can tell good design from bad.
  7. You have seen scale closely and have worked on scaling up an application to a very large number of users.
  8. Know your way around on Linux like a Pro.

What you'll be working on:

  1. The next version of our product that would make Gmail do some serious acrobatics.
  2. Scaling up our application to handle a very large number of users.
  3. A lot of machine learning and intelligent heuristics based approaches to making our product more intelligent.
  4. Making content discovery on our product easier, more engaging and fun.

What we're offering:

  1. Lots of fun as we build and scale a world-class, very complex and very interesting product that has a global market.
  2. Market Level (or better than that) salary. Stock Options can be considered.
  3. Dinner excursions - Fortnightly. Outings - Quarterly. Beer in the fridge - Always.


Write in to jobs@hiverhq.com. You can also catch us on Twitter at @nitnand and @nirajr.