Our customer support has never worked so well

"Hiver is a lifesaver, as our customer service team is now able to easily categorize every single mail we get. Therefore, our troubletickets’ system is now 100% backed by Hiver and it has never worked so well before."

Luis Certo (CTO, Find Lapa)

Hiver is great for my team to stay on the same page

"We use Hiver as a tool to communicate with other employees who share an email address that is dedicated to our web sales process. We have a few different employees that check it and we leave notes for on what is happening for different orders. It's great way for many people to stay on the same page."

Evan Maly (Manager, Stefans Soccer)

Hiver is the perfect solution to solve your team communication issues

"Hiver really is the perfect solution to solve your team communication issues. Before we had to forward or CC our colleagues into all our emails. Everything became really messy. Now we use Hiver for everything. The person always has access the right messages. The software is amazingly fast and very efficient. It really is a productivity dream! Really this software should be bundled with every gmail account!"

Deepak Tailor (Founder, LatestFreeStuff.co.uk and LatestDeals.co.u)

Hiver has made our workflow efficient and organized

"We've found Hiver to be an extremely useful productivity tool for our staff. The ability to quickly share emails and disperse tasks has made our workflow much more efficient and organized."

Paul Petrunia (Founder/Director, Archinect)