Helps us stay on top of a deluge of emails!

"We were a small team of people trying to stay on top of a deluge of e-mails. We wanted a method to delegate e-mails as tasks while automatically keeping everyone else in the loop. This service filled that role admirably and was effortless to setup. I can't really ask for much more than that!"

Ian Flood (Founder,

Hard to imagine working without it!

"Hiver has been very helpful for our admin team to share receipts and other documents. It's become an essential part of their workflow. Hard to imagine working without it!

Paul Farnell (CEO,

Great support and constantly improving functionality!

"My company just recently moved to using Hiver and it's been very useful for us as a transition away from using Outlook/Microsoft Exchange. I'm most impressed with how quickly the Niraj and the rest of the development team respond to user comments. Many of my feature suggestions have been responded to and implemented within a matter of a week! Fantastic, I will definitely continue to use Hiver and look forward to working more with the team on an already great product!"

Michael Hsueh (Responsible for IT,

Wish all apps worked this well and beautifully!

"Hiver has worked smoothly and easily for sharing project emails between users. [Almost] gone are the days of CCing multiple people, or forgetting, or any sort of thought about it, because all necessary emails are filed and tagged and shared just by applying a label. When an email is shared, it's also backed up to a second shared label inbox. Great app for Google Apps! I wish all the apps worked this well and beautifully, with great support."

Tim Graves (Research Manager,