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support@ or sales@, right from your Gmail

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Better Hiver

Front is good. Hiver is Better. Here’s Why

Zero Learning Curve

Hiver works from inside your Gmail, so there’s nothing for you and your team to learn and adapt to. You can get started literally in seconds.

No Switching between apps

With Hiver, all the action happens in your Gmail inbox, so there’s no moving back and forth between tools. Your team will save hours every day.

Your emails stay with Google

Hiver does not store your emails, so they continue to live on Google’s servers.

Great software without changing systems.

We have A LOT of emails coming in daily that would otherwise hit each team members personal inbox. We've sped up our time of response and cleanliness of our personal inboxes with Hiver.

Gregory Karelitz
Global Manager, HubSpot

Hiver brings accountability in Finance teams

My team loves Hiver! We are solving the issue of having too many people in one inbox. As a team lead, I am most excited for the visibility I now have into the workflow of my entire team.

Julia T
Finance Manager, Vacasa

We love Hiver!

The G Suite/Google Groups shared email functionality isn't too spectacular so we were thrilled to find Hiver and we love it. We use automations to assign different types of enquiries to the right person, solve lots of problems using notes where we might have have to email or make phone calls before.

Elise Lepple
Consultant, 24 Seven Electrical Ltd

Highly recommend if you're looking for an elegant google collaborative inbox solution.

After months of frustration with google's group functionality, gave Hiver's collaborative inboxes a try. Not only does it work very well and has now gotten our small three-person team humming around a common shared email inbox.

Mario R. Kroll
Publicity, ÜberStrategist Inc.

Built for Gmail and G Suite

Hiver is really easy to use. Get started in seconds.

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Supported Browsers : Chrome

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