We've found Hiver to be an extremely useful productivity tool for our staff. The ability to quickly share emails and disperse tasks has made our workflow much more efficient and organized.

Paul Petrunia (Founder/Director , Archinect)

Delegate easily using shared gmail labels

Delegate an email to your assistant or a colleague by just adding a Gmail label to it. The email is pushed to your colleague's inbox, and they are notified of a new task.

Comment on delegated emails with notes

Use email notes to talk to and collaborate with your colleagues. Add additional information to emails without having to forward them around.

Respond as one using shared email drafts

Compose a response to an email, and have your assistant build on it. Review it, and have your assistant finally send the email.

Learn how Hiver's Shared Inbox drives customer support productivity at Usource

"Hiver does what it says on the box - it turns Gmail in to a powerful collaboration tool."

Daniel Wilson, Founder & CEO USource

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