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Reali is a real estate company that puts its customers first. They believe in building lasting relations with their customers. They strive to make homeownership experience enjoyable and stay involved with customers via support, analysis, and information related to their specific transaction.

Their processes are engineered around sharing information and prompt communication, and email is at the very core of them.

Reali uses Gmail for communication with agents, buyers, and sellers. Even internally, their transaction and project management teams rely heavily on email.

The Problem

The team was using a few email aliases to communicate with customers and agents. It was important that every member of their team knew if someone has taken ownership of incoming emails. But that wasn’t how things were.

Too many tools breed confusion

The problem was that their workflows spanned across tools and it was getting tricky to keep everyone on the same page.

One team used a mailing list, so all emails were forwarded to everyone. They had to coordinate with each other on who was responding to and owning what.

Another email alias went into their support ticketing system, so they had to remember to check that system and respond using that interface.

And then there was another team that shared login for a Gmail account, so there was no accountability nor security.

Using different systems for different teams was hard for training and consistency. Particularly with the shared logins, when team membership changed, we continually had to update the passwords. Nothing was intuitive. Nothing was easy to remember.

Virginia Trowbridge, Pulse Manager at Reali

A lot of back and forth between Email and CRM

The team was sending out a lot of email replies and was using the email templates built into their CRM systems.

First problem: it was making people go outside Gmail a lot and their workflows were getting disrupted.

Second: because the back and forth between the inbox and the CRM was not pleasant, many stopped using the email templates. Typing in similar emails repeatedly had slowed them down.

We’re all about streamlining the real estate transaction and making it more efficient for everyone. That includes making the process more efficient for our agents. Going outside of our Gmail account to send a correspondence was completely disrupting the workflow, Virginia says.

This is when the team at Reali started looking for an email management solution to help them contain the disorder.

The Solution

The team knew exactly what they wanted: something that was built on top of Gmail — which won’t require the team to go through extensive training. And that is when they discovered Hiver.

Hiver required minimal training or workflow changes, as it integrated nicely with Gmail. Other solutions we tried required yet another system to log into, plus a complete mind shift in the way the team approached and used email, says Virginia.

Onboarding the team was a breeze as well.

It was super easy to get started. We were able to sign up and get going in no time, Virgina adds.

The workflows are simpler

The team stopped using the mailing lists and the support ticketing system. They’ve brought in all of their email communication into shared inboxes. Their team no longer logs into the same inbox all at the same time.

Because they manage the shared inboxes from Gmail itself, their workflows are much simpler. There’s no juggling between tools.

The team is more accountable

Previously, all emails were forwarded to everyone and they had to coordinate with each other on who was responding to and owning what.

With Hiver, they assign emails to teammates without having to forward them. Every email gets a clear owner and a status (Open, Pending, or Closed). The team is always on the same page about who has to work on what.

When someone wants to know the status of emails, they can see that at a glance inside the shared inboxes — again, without having to ask around the team.

Managing emails demands less time

The team receives a lot of emails (from different sources) that do not require a response — but they still need to be filed under categories. Previously, they had to spend time sorting through such emails and labelling them.

Using Hiver, the team has set up Automations to “Tag” and “close” emails that don’t require further responses. For example, if the sender email id contains “docusign,” the email is Tagged with “Docusign” and marked as closed automatically.

Sending emails is easier, and faster

The team was previously using their CRM templates and found it difficult to stay on top of many different versions. To make things worse, there was a limit to the number of templates they could have in the system.

Hiver’s centralized Email Templates solves for the variations of templates floating around because everyone sees the most updated version. It also creates efficiency throughout the transaction and allows their team to move quickly.

If we shave 5 minutes off of each transaction, we are saving hours and hours of time for our team each month, says Virginia.

The Hiver advantage

The team was looking for a solution that is built on top of Gmail and does not require training. Hiver fits the bill to a tee.

Closing note

Virginia’s team is growing rapidly, and a lot of new hires are remote workers. Because Hiver works right on top of Gmail, onboarding new team members does not involve training efforts.

All new hires are comfortable with Gmail and it’s easy to onboard them. It takes just five minutes to show them what Hiver is and how we use it, Virginia says.

Hiver required minimal training or workflow changes as it, integrated nicely with Gmail. Other solutions we tried required yet another system to log into, plus a complete mind shift in the way the team approached and used email.
Virginia Trowbridge
Pulse Manager at Reali
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