Someflu overcame Google Groups inefficiencies with Hiver

Someflu is a French plastic pump manufacturing giant specialized in the engineering and manufacturing of corrosion resistant centrifugal pumps.

They are a proud bunch with clients across the most difficult industries where corrosion and abrasion resistance are a complex problem to solve.

Someflu’s USP is the ability to customise its product to suit a wide range of capacities. It thrives on the close relationship their sales engineers have with clients — they take effective communication seriously.





I love how Hiver manages emails within a group of people. The interface is simple and easy to understand.

Executive Director

Gmail, and Google Groups, are of critical importance

All of their internal and external communication takes place on Gmail. To bring in some sanity to emails flowing across addresses, they created Google Groups such as The problem: Google’s clumsy UI to manage Groups.

Here’s why they ditched the Google’s UI and moved to Hiver to manage their Groups better:

Google’s UI to manage Groups
Managing Groups with Hiver

Unintuitive user interface

The UI does not look like any other Google application. They had problems getting used to it.

Your familiar inbox

Hiver lets you manage Google Groups right from your Gmail inbox. It’s very simple to use. No training here.

Cluttered inboxes

They could assign tasks only by forwarding emails. Cluttered inboxes was common.

Clean and smooth workflows

Hiver lets you assign tasks in a few clicks. No email forwarding.

Agents collide

Two people working on the same email was a common sight.

Everyone is on the same page

With Hiver, everyone knows who is working on what. Your agents will never collide.

Haphazard communication

There was no boundary between internal and external communication.

Structured conversations

With Hiver’s Notes, your internal and external communication are neatly separated.

Flying blind

Analytics was absent. Not insufficient. ABSENT!

Analytics help you improve

With Hiver, you get robust reporting and analytics.