Idea Foundry does top-notch customer support with Hiver

The Columbus Idea Foundry is a community workshop, learning center, and creative space located in Columbus, Ohio. They are a collection of students, professionals, artists, engineers, and general creative enthusiasts who wish to bring imagination to reality.

Its experts teach classes that range from blacksmithing to sculpture, from woodworking to 3D printing, and from glass cutting to welding.

More than half their 700+ members are small business owners, who in turn employ hundreds of people — they're an entrepreneurship hub that supports the Maker community!

They work very closely with their community. They are about people above all else and the relationships and trust, that they create. Effective and uninterrupted customer support is at the heart of their operations.





The problem: a barrage of emails

Customers and prospects would reach out to them through info@, help@, and events@ email addresses. The emails would then be forwarded to a number of people’s inboxes — that’s when a series of problems would unfold:

  • Everyone in the group would receive the auto-forwarded email irrespective of whether they have to work on it — unnecessary inbox clutter.
  • The team would not know if someone has replied to an email.
  • The team would not know who is working on an email.

They would have to cc/bcc everyone on the emails so that the team is on the same page — even more email clutter.

Every time someone went on a holiday, some emails would get lost in their inboxes. They needed the ability to share the load across teams instead of communication being lost to a single person's inbox — this is where Hiver came in the picture.

Hiver makes it possible for our Front of House team to manage multiple inboxes collectively. The ability to assign emails from general inboxes like “info@” or “Help@” and see responses already in progress, makes response time quicker and clarifies responsibility. Hiver helps us provide better service to all of our customers.

Columbus Idea Foundry

Hiver makes teamwork incredibly easy, and contains email clutter

They already had the group emails set up — what the team needed was a way to manage them better — the gap Hiver fills in.

They set up shared inboxes which lets the entire team manage group emails from their individual inboxes. They removed the auto forward which would unnecessary clutter everyone’s inboxes.

Hiver lets them effortlessly assign emails as tasks without having to forward them. Fewer emails again!

It makes it very easy for everyone in the team to know who is working on an email, and whether they have replied to it or not.

If an employee needs help with a task, they do not have to send an email to their teammate. They can write Hiver Notes which are like instant messages alongside the email. Internal conversations remain neatly separated from customer emails.