Futurebooks effortlessly manages a deluge of emails with Hiver

Futurebooks is made up of experienced company secretaries and chartered accountants who specialise in professional services for growth startups and modern small businesses.

The team excels at guiding venture-funded startups through their expansion, series funding and acquisitions.

They work closely with founders on their growth scenario and cash flow planning. Managing communication and projects well is a strategic area for them.





Managing numerous central email addresses was becoming chaotic

Futurebooks has email addresses for each department where customer, vendors, and partners would reach out with requests. Managing them was becoming a bit of a nightmare.

The admin (or anyone who logs into the accounts) would have to identify the account manager for that customer and forward the email to them.

Should the account manager need a teammate’s help with something, they would again exchange emails between each other.

Problems with this approach are manyfold:

1. It’s a lot of email ping pong and everyone’s inboxes get cluttered unnecessarily. A general rule is — the more email addresses you involve in a process, the more inefficient it becomes.
2. There is a good chance some of your internal discussions will leak to the customer as you’re doing all of it on the same thread.
3. Tracking the status of tasks is a cumbersome process requiring searching through the inbox or reaching out to the account manager.

They needed something that would manage emails smoothly and help the team work together effortlessly. This is when they started using Hiver.

With Hiver, Futurebooks automates processes and collaborates like never before

They already had the group emails set up — what the team needed was a way to manage them better — the gap Hiver fills in.

They set up shared inboxes which lets the entire team manage group emails from their individual inboxes, saving the trouble of logging in to multiple addresses.

Hiver’s shared inbox enables them to specify conditions based on which the emails are assigned automatically. For example, if Matt is the account manager for JAM, all emails containing JAM.com would get assigned to him automatically as soon as they arrive in the inbox.

If an employee needs help with a task, they do not have to send an email to their teammate. They can write Hiver Notes which are like instant messages alongside the email. Internal conversations remain neatly separated from customer emails.

The Futurebooks team also uses Hiver’s Email Templates that are shareable with the entire team — writing repetitive emails is a huge drain anyway.

Hiver has been pivotal in easing up our workload as well as providing visibility on projects that come in.

George Mathew

Director, Futurebooks