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Hiver, the friendly Zendesk Inbox alternative

Mar 05, 2020
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I am sure you’ve heard that Zendesk is discontinuing the ‘Zendesk Inbox’. Bad news huh.

But what’s worse is that they’re asking everyone to move to Zendesk Support – a bulky and overwhelming tool that your team is going to have a hard time dealing with.

Why would you want to complicate something as simple as managing emails?

When you use Zendesk, you’ll be forced to go through an endless list of guides and implementations just to be able to use the tool (even if you’ve been using the Zendesk Inbox).

Then comes a slew of features that you’re never going to use. If you’re used to the Zendesk Inbox, I am guessing you’d not want to make your life complicated.

In addition to that, the Zendesk interface can become slightly cluttered; multiple integrations, macros, among other things. There are always too many things fighting for your attention.


And that is why I’d urge you to take a look at Hiver – it keeps doing support simple, just as it should be.

You’ll manage your support@ email address right from your Gmail inbox. Your support mailbox becomes one of the options on your left pane:


And the really cool part: the support emails will still be neatly separated from your personal emails.

Why choose Hiver over Zendesk

Hiver is lightweight, the complete opposite of Zendesk which is meant for a more complicated use case. Here are the reasons why you’re going to love using Hiver:

1. You work from a familiar place

Zendesk forces you to work from an alien interface which is an overkill of buttons and features. Working from it gets frustrating quickly. Finding anything is almost like solving a puzzle. You’ll have to keep going back to the instruction manuals to figure things.

But, we’re all super comfortable working from our Gmail inboxes, aren’t we? Well, Hiver is a natural extension to that. It fits neatly inside your inbox (without disrupting anything). You will never have to leave the comfort of your inbox to manage emails.  


2. It’s really easy to use

Zendesk can get clunky at times. The dashboard is loaded with macros, triggers and a host of other features you are never going to use. You will have to spend a lot of energy just getting used to the interface.

With Hiver, there’s hardly anything new to learn. Anyone who’s used to the basic Gmail functionalities is going to have a pretty easy time using it.


3. Setting it up takes just minutes

Setting up Zendesk is a whirlwind of guides, training manuals, and implementation plans – it takes ages to get things up and running.

On the other hand, setting up Hiver is ridiculously simple. It will not take more than a few minutes. There are no guides or pieces of training involved. Your team can start doing great support instantly.

4. Hiver is more personal for customers

Zendesk complicates the support process by involving ticketing. Your customers are forced to go through a login portal to get help. And then, they are forced to dig through emails to find that ticket number. You are only going to make your customers’ lives difficult.

With Hiver, support remains personal. There are no portals to deal with – all your customers need to do is send you an email. And those emails are never turned into impersonal tickets. Your team sends personalized emails and treats customers like people, and not tickets!

More reasons to love Hiver

Teams love Hiver. Some even rave about it.


Here are some cool things that you’ll love about Hiver:

1. Easy assignment

Assign emails to your teammate in just a couple of clicks, and that too right from your Gmail inbox. On top of that, you get to track email status by using filters and tags. SLAs ensure you never drop the ball on emails.


2. Smart automations

Automate emails to be assigned to your team based on easy-to-set-up rules, or set up round robin assignment.

3. Effortless agent collaboration

Your teammates can add internal notes to ask questions or make suggestions when solving customer problems. While working on email replies, your team can share drafts and edit them together in real-time.


4. Analytics Dashboard

Track and improve upon metrics that are life and blood of a support team – response time and average resolution time. Know how your support reps are performing and identify areas of improvement.


You can check out all the Hiver features here.

Hiver is loved by more than 1200 customers from all over the world – including the likes of Harvard University, Shutterstock, Hubspot, and Pinterest.

It is one of the top-rated help desk tools across marketplaces.


If you want to know how Hiver makes doing support enjoyable, you can always schedule a call with us.

Or you can always try out Hiver (Free for 14 days). I’d say go ahead and give it a whirl. It’s really as easy as it gets.

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