How USource is Using Hiver to Make Its Clients Superhuman

By Jawad Khan

No matter how technologically advanced we become, there will always be only 24 hours in a day. That’s why, as an entrepreneur or a business manager, you need to ensure that your working time is spent only on the most crucial activities that have a direct impact on your company’s growth.

But how can you ignore all the administrative and operational tasks that eat up all your productive time every day?

Well, you don’t have to.

You can just outsource all your repetitive, but operationally crucial, tasks to companies like USource – a Hiver customer, and a leading technology startup offering high quality virtual assistant services worldwide.

USource has a rich and diverse portfolio of customers. These customers, mostly entrepreneurs, small business owners and senior corporate managers, trust USource to take care of their everyday tasks and help them free up additional time every week.

This punch line from the official website of USource sums up their business model quite well.

“USource does the tasks our clients don’t have time to do, don’t want to do or don’t know how to do. We make you Superhuman!”

When they started out, USource faced a challenge in effectively serving their clients. Their challenge was to streamline their internal customer management processes using a platform that could convert Gmail into a complete project management tool.

To achieve this, they chose Hiver – a smart choice indeed.

This case study will show you how Hiver, with its culture of customer success, was able to help USource deliver the highest quality virtual assistant services, and increase their overall customer satisfaction.


USource - Company Background and Introduction


Daniel Wilson formally started USource in 2014, but his experience with outsourcing goes all the way back to 2008.

Daniel, employed at a London based startup back then, was running a small online venture on the sidelines named Seniors Discounts. But a hectic day job and the demands of his own business left him with no personal time.

He calculated that he could free up almost 30 hours every week if he could outsource his repetitive tasks to dependable remote workers.

After weeks of time consuming search, he established a team of virtual assistants based in India and Philippines. He spent the initial days training his remote team and getting them up to his required quality.

As a result, Daniel’s startup, Seniors Discounts, grew exponentially and became one of the world’s leading platforms for age specific discounts, deals and coupons with 170,000+ members.


I love having you on our team!! You make me so happy. And you save my butt! Haha. I don't know what I would do without your help and quality work." - Nikki Robbins (USource Customer)


With USource, Daniel wanted to replicate this success for other small and medium sized businesses.

He set up multiple teams of highly professional and trained virtual assistants who could manage anything from simple email communication and checklists, to modern web services like graphic and web design, content writing and social media marketing.

However, he soon realized that he’d need a tool that could help his team manage all the customer communication separately and maintain track of their projects and activities.

Hiver turned out to be the perfect fit for their needs.


“Our clients depend on us for their tasks and projects. We take that seriously and make sure our dependability is as flawless as we can make it.” – Daniel Wilson, Founder & CEO USource


The Challenge for Usource - Streamlining Communication and Project Management

Daniel and his team at USource started using Hiver primarily for client communication management and project management. Despite using other tools such as Trello, Skype and Slack, they could not streamline communication between the VA’s and the customers. A major reason for this was the fact that most of the customers still preferred using email for task delegation and follow ups.


Hiver helped USource fill this gap by converting Gmail, the preferred communication mode of USource customers, into a complete collaboration and project management tool. Hiver simplified the internal communication and client management at USource and optimized their performance.

Daniel describes the change in their processes himself, “Once a client hires a virtual assistant their business is set up with a Gmail label under the team which is looking after them. Any emails which are received from said client are filtered to the client's Gmail label so both the virtual assistant looking after them and their manager can review and action the email.”

USource also used Hiver perfectly as a project management tool by using dedicated labels for each project and assigning status updates like “due”, “completed” or “updated” within Gmail. With some minor tweaks to the labels and filters, Hiver became a key part of their email management processes.


“Hiver does what it says on the box -- it turns Gmail in to a powerful collaboration tool.” – Daniel Wilson, Founder & CEO USource


The Hiver Effect - Optimized Productivity, Satisfied Clients and a Promising Future

Hiver logo

With a growing customer base, and streamlined process thanks to Hiver, USource was able to create a clear difference in their customers’ lives. Customer satisfaction sky rocketed and new customers started coming in thanks to positive word of mouth marketing.


“Thanks for figuring out things on your own, you're my hero. I need a lot more Bev's (USource VA) in my life!” - Dr A. Johnson (USource Client)


According to Daniel, Hiver has also significantly increased the productivity of USource VA’s – which directly impacts customer satisfaction.

“With Hiver, our virtual assistants know exactly where they can find email communication from their clients and managers can quickly view and jump into a conversation if required.”

For USource, using Hiver in combination with Gmail has increased transparency between the line managers, VA’s and their assigned customers.

Naturally Hiver has become a crucial part of the success recipe for USource. USource clients are more satisfied than ever before and, thanks to Hiver, they can depend on USource to get their tasks done exactly as they want.


“Seamlessly integrating a virtual assistant in to your workflow without Hiver would be cumbersome, inefficient and bordering on impossible. Client tasks would be siloed and even worse, lost completely” – Daniel Wilson, Founder & CEO USource


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