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By Harsh Vardhan
share gmail with team

Gmail accounts are designed and intended to be used by individuals. The only ways you can share information or collaborate with others are traditional features like CCs, BCCs, FWDs — it's no secret that they bloat inboxes and confuse people.

When you manage a function like sales or support from Gmail, you have a deluge of emails to deal with — there is no way one person can handle them — this is when the need to share Gmail presents itself.

Not just sales or support, even email addresses like info@ or hello@ would need to be managed by more than one person.

Irrespective of what you do, you will always have email addresses that demand more than individual attention.

Sharing Gmail the old-school way

The moment companies try to share a Gmail account among users, things start getting bumpy — here’s why:

  • Many companies share the account’s credentials with the entire team and they log into it to process emails.
  • Others set up delegated access which again allows everyone on the team to log in to the same account.

The problem with many people using the same Gmail account — you might reach a threshold soon and your account will be temporarily locked down.

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Now functions like customer support and sales are absolutely critical and you cannot afford to get locked out of the account at any point in time.

How do you share your Gmail inbox with your team then? The first option you have is to turn your Gmail account into a collaborative inbox.

Now I am someone who loves almost everything Gmail makes but not the collaborative inbox — this is one of those apps which will make you cringe the moment you see it.

The collaborative inbox does not look or function anything like the Google apps we are used to. It looks like something we would use back in the 90s. Even Google does not seem to pay a lot of attention to it. The last update was about four years ago.

Your team will be forced to spend a lot of time just getting used to it. You will have to spend time and energy training them to use it.

Not just that, your team will have to constantly switch between their inbox and the collaborative inbox to manage emails — you will waste hours every day.

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And that is exactly why we built Hiver.

Hiver: The stress-free way to share Gmail with your team

Hiver lets you share Gmail with your team without the hassles we just spoke of. You share an inbox like support@company with your team and they get to manage its emails right from Gmail, that simple.

Nobody will have to log into the shared Gmail accounts to manage them. When you don't have multiple people logging in to the same account, there is no question of Google blocking it.

  • You will not lose or miss important emails. Hiver ensures your team is right on top of emails. You can rest assured nothing will fall through the cracks.
  • You will not have to forward emails to your teammates. You can say goodbye to cluttered inboxes.
  • Hiver makes internal communication effortless. No more endless CCs and Forwards.

Share an account among users

Using Hiver, you can effortlessly share email accounts such as support or sales with your entire team. Hiver lets you turn Gmail accounts into shared inboxes which start appearing right inside Gmail.

Add your teammates to the shared inboxes and everyone gets the ability to manage emails arriving there.

share gmail with team

The great thing is that all of this happens right inside Gmail. Everyone on your team can manage the same inbox from their respective Gmail account. No new windows. No new tools. Less stress. 

Set up email delegation

Every email that arrives in the shared Gmail account gets added to the shared inbox automatically.

Hiver makes delegation absolutely easy, almost effortless. All you need is two clicks from your Gmail sidebar and the email gets assigned to your teammate.

Anyone in your team can delegate emails to themselves or a teammate. You do not have to be an admin (or the team manager) to delegate emails.

share email to delegate

You also get the ability to set up automations to delegate emails automatically to your team, using easy to set up rules.

With Hiver, tracking emails-you-delegate becomes effortless too. For every email inside the shared inbox, users get to set a status — open, pending, or closed. You will not have to ask around to know the status of emails.

This is especially relevant for customer support teams that will want to ensure that emails are closed within a decent time frame.

Want to see your team’s workflow in a glance? Every shared inbox has sections based on conditions: unassigned, mine, team, pending and closed.

Share Gmail labels with your team

A lot of people use Gmail labels to organize emails or to categorize emails.

Hiver lets you share your Gmail labels with your teammates. That way, you can share entire email threads with people without FWDs, CCs, and BCCs.

Emails added to a shared label take just seconds to sync with users. Replies to those emails sync automatically too. Not just that, even the read status of emails gets updated across accounts.

Shared labels are a great way to keep people updated on new developments or to onboard them to a new project quickly.

Email-free internal communication

Most people I know have a habit of sending emails to their teammates for the smallest of things. We are unknowingly bloating up ours and our team’s inboxes.

When you use Hiver, you get the ability to write Email Notes to your teammates. Email Notes are chat messages that appear right next to the email thread you are talking about — you do not have to waste time explaining the situation-at-hand.

Say you’re managing customer support from Gmail. You can use Notes to discuss problems, next steps, or collaborate on issues without having to write a single email.

You've got @mentions to write Notes to specific people on your team — they are notified instantly.

share gmail via hiver

And a lot more

  • Get insights into how your team manages emails.
  • Save canned responses as email templates. Embed into responses easily, and share with your team.
  • Collaborate on your email responses by sharing email drafts. Write a response, have a colleague review and send.
  • Automate key actions like automatically assigning emails based on rules, or closing and archiving emails.
  • Snooze email away to achieve Inbox Zero, and have them come back to your inbox at a later time.
  • Schedule emails to be sent at a later time.

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