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By Harsh Vardhan
share gmail with team

I am sure you have a few frighteningly long and convoluted email threads weighing down your inbox right now.

Meandering threads where you lose track of what’s going on because there are way too many people CC’d on them. Getting any information from them is always a nightmare.

Email was not designed for teamwork

Email is great for communication. It is available to everyone. It is very neatly organized by subjects. It can easily cross barriers like teams and organization. It just works.

But, it was not designed for teamwork. How? The only way you can share information or collaborate with others are traditional features like CCs, BCCs, FWDs — it's no secret that they bloat inboxes and confuse people.

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The most notorious problems happen in generic shared mailboxes such as info@ or support@ which are managed by an entire team together.

For example, times when your team is working on a project — there’s a lot of back and forth of emails. Information gets lost in the trenches. Tracking the progress of work means maneuvering through numerous messages.

Or, when you’re managing customer support and forward an email to a teammate to have them work on it — they CC a bunch of other people to seek help solving the problem. It slows down your support process. You keep customers waiting.

The barrage of emails that we deal with every day is a lot more damaging than we think:

share gmail with team

It’s not pleasant.

And it’s no different even when it comes to your favorite Gmail.

Gmail shared mailboxes are a hotbed for confusion

You can’t avoid emails from landing in your inbox. That’s beyond control. However, where teams mostly go wrong is sticking to an outdated method of managing them, such as:

ONE: Have you ever shared the credentials of the shared mailbox with everyone on the team? I know a lot of people who do that. I have done that too. It just feels convenient.

A lot of people use delegated access which again puts an entire team inside one inbox.

Both approaches do not work very well: Google blocks email accounts that are accessed by multiple people. Read more about it.

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TWO: Some people start using the Google Collaborative Inbox for managing their shared mailboxes. But, that is again a stop-gap arrangement.

  • It is a completely new interface and your team will take a lot of time getting used to it
  • You will have a hard time finding who worked on an email and what happened to it
  • Two people from your team can end up replying to the same email
  • Your teammates will keep writing emails to each other for internal discussions

Read more about why you should avoid using the Google Collaborative Inbox.

The stress-free way to share Gmail with your team

Allow me to tell you a story.

Richard and his team of seven manage the emails arriving at the info@ email address. His team has Susan, Dorothy, and five more people who are not really important to the story

A new shipping order arrives — Richard sees the email — realizes Susan is the best person to work on it — assigns the email to her in two clicks. No emails forwarded there. The rest of the team also knows that the shipping email has been assigned to Susan.

Susan starts working on it and needs a little help — she writes a Note to her teammate Dorothy. Dorothy instantly knows which email is Susan talking about — unlike the Slack situation where she would have to describe which email and what happened and all that.

share gmail with team

Susan types in a reply to the shipping client and wants Dorothy to have a quick look at it. She shares the email draft with Dorothy who then edits it in real time. No back and forth of emails for reviewing the message. Think of the impact this will have on your team’s productivity.

Richard sees that Susan has a good grasp on the process and decides to automate emails from the shipping clients to be assigned to Susan the moment they come in. You save the time that would otherwise go on sifting through emails and distributing work.

share gmail with team

The rest of the team can also see the replies Susan sends. They even know what everyone else is working on. Everyone remains on the same page, always.

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