5 Reasons Marketing Documentation is Necessary for Growth

By Ayodeji Onibalusi

Marketing has always been one of the most important aspects of any enterprise, startup, event or SaaS. It’s so integral to success founders must combine their product development skills with a couple of expert-grade marketing skills to raise successful ventures.

But there’s a part of marketing that doesn’t get so much of the attention: documentation. For someone who is invested in the growth of their enterprise, marketing documentation should not be seen as a second thought. It should be seen as a stimulant to your marketing strategy, a necessary ingredient to the success of your enterprise.

Documentation is how marketers will understand whether or not they’re getting the desired results from their efforts and guide to make changes to their marketing strategy as required.

Here are five reasons marketing documentation is necessary for growth in your business.

1. Understand the Market and Your Target Customers

understand the market

If understanding the market you’re a player in is just as important as knowing what your customers need from you, marketing documentation is the primary step in achieving this goal. Being able to document the response you’re getting from the market in the form of success or failure will give you an outlook of your target customers and trends in the market.

Not every marketer understands that the level of success of a marketing strategy is often determined by the response of the market and consumers to your product.

A well-optimized marketing documentation will keep you ahead of trends in the market and make it easy for you to adapt instantly to the response from the market and your target customers.

Useful tips:

  • By using marketing documentation to understand your target market, you’re able to know why they’re buying from you and how to improve your sales.
  • Understanding your target market will give you foresight into how to navigate your marketing strategy and avoid unnecessary setbacks in growth.

2. Track Implementation Rate

business team building a puzzle. Business developing concept.

How many times do you recollect planning an excellent marketing strategy only not to put it into implementation?

Could the lack of appropriate marketing strategy documentation be the reason behind why many marketers fail to put many of their brilliant marketing strategies into effect?

Keeping a marketing documentation that you can always go back to now and then will give you a sense of what you’re doing effectively. This ability will instil a sense of implementation that is often hard to track in you.

Useful tips:

  • Boost productivity and strategy implementation rate by consistently documenting and observing your marketing documentation.
  • Marketers can avoid the “feel-good” experience that prevents them from further carrying out their marketing strategies just by forming a habit of documentation.

3. Understand What Works and How

marketing tracking

Marketing documentation is very useful in understanding what is working for your business growth and how it works. There’s nothing more frustrating than the growth that cannot be tracked. Being left in the dark when it comes to growth and revenue leaves everyone guessing and passes the wrong impression about your efforts to the CEO.

Employing a versatile documentation process for your marketing strategy will give you the confidence that you need to scale aspects of your efforts that yield results and slow-down or tweak other less performing areas.

The result is marketing that remains well-funded and keeps the organization top of the game.

Useful tips:

  • Marketing documentation can help you earn the respect and credibility you deserve at work just by giving you data on how you’re achieving success.
  • Don’t just aim for growth. Find out why you’re achieving growth by implementing a marketing documentation approach.

4. Strategy Validation

strategy validation

Documentation is also effective at validating your marketing strategy.

Validating what strategies are working for you is essential to marketing. This makes sure you’re not blindly implementing strategies and waiting for the boss to stay cool or strike the whole thing off the budget.

Well, structured data that is generated from documentation can help you validate your strategies and help you put a figure on what you’re working on. Since documentation will rely on the results you get from your marketing strategy, it will be easier to see through the blurs and get to the root of which aspects need re-strategizing.

Validating your marketing earlier on is very important to keep your costs within manageable limits. So when you’re working with a marketing documentation, make sure you’re consistently seeking to find out which areas need improvement through validation.

Useful tips:

  • Use an effective marketing documentation to get rid of guess-work and focus on scaling strategies that are bringing good results.
  • Use marketing documentation to acquire reliable data that will wow and convince your team members about the effectiveness of your strategies.

5. Identify Areas of lack

identify marketing weaknesses

Lastly, documentation is very effective at revealing areas you lack in.

When you’re operating without a clearly documented marketing strategy, it’s easy to fall into the illusion that everything is going as planned. Identifying areas of lack as quickly as possible is necessary for ensuring a steady growth for your business.

With a documentation process that is well-followed, you can easily observe and look out for areas that are drawing back the overall success of your marketing efforts. Making necessary adjustments in these areas to cover the gaps would be the required step to take.

Useful tips:

  • Look out for areas of weakness before an external team is hired to do that. Marketing documentation is quick to help you reveal your areas of weakness on consultation.
  • Use data acquired from your marketing documentation to gather insights on how to boost underperforming areas.


If marketing documentation is going to bring about the growth of your startup or SaaS, when are you likely to take a step in the right direction? How do you plan to implement your growth strategy in 2016? Is documentation an area you’re looking to work on?

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