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We have a simple mission here at Hiver: make email work better while retaining the simplicity of emails. B2B software review website CompareCamp acknowledged that Hiver allows you to do just that, and some more.

The SaaS reviews website commended Hiver for successfully enabling customer support and sales teams to take control of the familiar Gmail interface, but without the email clutter and overload they normally encounter. According to CompareCamp’s review team, Hiver achieves this by enabling users to handle their emails, communicate with their team, collaborate, share notes, share contact groups, set reminders, and much more from within their shared inbox.

For making email management smooth and easy, Hiver was distinguished as a Great User Experience for email management software. Simply put, Hiver ensures all emails are acted upon accordingly until they are resolved. “It provides all the tools you need to provide exceptional customer support, without the needless complexities and superfluous features of other help desk solutions,” wrote CompareCamp.

Hiver was also recognized by CompareCamp as a Rising Star for 2018, indicating that our users have greatly resonated with our value proposition and believe that we provide great value for money.

So, make sure to try Hiver today and be part of the 2,000 companies using Hiver that have simplified their email management processes.

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Abhilash Menon
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