8 Content Discovery Tools to Skyrocket Your Content Marketing Efforts

By Ron Sela

These days, there’s just no good reason to pass up on content curation. With curated newsletters and blogs, busy social media experts get to spend less time building their own content. Your target audience gets increased value out of your brand. You get the chance to be seen as a highly influential thought leader in your field. Plus, the content you curate can be used in

Your target audience gets increased value out of your brand. You get the chance to be seen as a highly influential thought leader in your field. Plus, the content you curate can be used in several dynamic ways across the Internet. What’s not to like?

So what’s the first step in social media content curation? Before you post blogs, send out newsletters or put together infographics, you’ve got to actually find content that your audience will love. Luckily, the Internet is full of great content discovery tools that can help you hunt down the perfect links to assemble. Looking to assemble great content? Here are 8 of the best tools to get you going.

1. Flipboard: The best of your social media

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Looking for a great way to combine relevant topics with informative social media feeds? If that’s the case, Flipboard is your go-to tool. With Flipboard, you can organize your feeds into one convenient spot, and receive link suggestions for the most popular, influential stories your social media has to offer. It’s a great way to find and read the best content everyone’s talking about, without having to scan every network yourself.

Plus, Flipboard offers hundreds of individual topics and sources from across the web. You’ll be able to browse or follow any of them individually, bringing you even closer to great content. All of this is presented to you in a clean, well-designed magazine format, making your content discovery a fun, relaxing experience.

Flipboard’s strengths lie in the sheer amount of great content you’ll be presented with, and the ease you’ll be able to browse with. You’ll be presented with new links daily, and the comfortable magazine format Flipboard is presented in makes it easy to jump in and out of articles that interest you. It allows you to get potential content from a wide yet specific selection of sources, and the ease of use makes it simple to check in between other duties.

2. EpicBeat: Good content and great analytics

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It’s one thing to know what kind of content people are talking about. It’s another thing altogether to know how they’re talking about it. If you’re looking for a wealth of great content analytics, EpicBeat has you more than covered. EpicBeat lets you search for topics, authors and more, delivering relevant content for whatever you search for.

But this tool’s power doesn’t stop there.

From your search, you’ll be able to see how many people are talking about your topic, where they’re talking about it, and even who’s talking about it. You’ll get powerful insights on which days the content is popular, how much overall success, and much more. You’ll even be able to see which individuals are most influential in the topic, and get a breakdown of how and where they share!

EpicBeat is an invaluable tool if you’re planning on sharing curated content in more outlets than just one. With it, you can see exactly what kind of content works in which outlet, getting in-depth analytics on what your audience likes. As content discovery tools go, you’ll be hard-pressed to find something that beats EpicBeat in terms of sheer information.

3. Start A Fire: What’s around the network?

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Start A Fire is all about bringing value, and that value even extends to the realm of content discovery.

One of the goals of curated newsletters, blog posts and the likes is to get more traffic to a specific website. The problem is, when you’re curating content, you’re often sharing links that aren’t yours.

How do you use a link to an outside site to promote links back to your site?

Start A Fire is the answer. With Start A Fire, you are able to add a badge with content recommendations to every link you run through the dashboard, giving you a new link. When people use that new link to access the content, they’ll get recommendations back to your content.

So how does this help content discovery?

Start A Fire keeps track of the links shared using its service. Every month, you’ll get a curated list of the most popular links of the month that were shared with Start A Fire.

Not only will this allow you to find great new content to share, it’ll also show you what links found the most success with the service. More popular links often mean more hits for the recommended sites, which will give you great insights on what to look for in shareable content.

4. Post Planner: What’s going to go viral?

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What if you could predict the kind of content people are going to be interested in tomorrow? What if you could share that content early, making your newsletters and social media more valuable for their followers? Believe it or not, this kind of thing actually is possible–and no, you don’t have to be psychic. All you need to make this happen is a tool known as Post Planner.

Post Planner is built on the idea that in every industry, there are kinds of content that reliably boost audience engagement. Put simply, its job is to help you discover that content. By scouring a wide range of sources, Post Planner predicts what content will result in great engagements from your audience. It then lists its findings for you, complete with a 5-star rating system to help you find what your audience is most likely to love. It even sorts the content it finds by post type, making it easier than ever to create a steady mix of articles, blogs, images and status updates.

5. Nuzzel: Trust your friends

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If you’ve been in the social media marketing business for a while, there’s a good chance you’re following members of your target audience on your or your brand’s social accounts. These are the people you’re trying to curate content for, so why not just find out what they like–straight from them?

Nuzzel aims to do just that. This service, like others, aggregates your social feeds into one convenient place. However, what Nuzzel decides to show you is what sets it apart. Unlike other aggregators, Nuzzel aims to only show you the top news stories from among these posts. This means you won’t have to dig through a timeline to find the best of the best anymore. With Nuzzel, as long as you’re following your target audience, you’ll be able to see the news that matters most to them.

This means you’ll be able to find great links you might otherwise have not seen, but it also shows you just what your audience is talking about, making it easier for you to figure out what kind of content they’re looking for.

6. TagBoard: #organization

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What would modern social media be without hashtags? Since Twitter began using them in the early 2000’s, hashtags have been a perfect way for perfect strangers to gather and discuss a topic of choice. In the years since their creation, hashtags have been easy to make, easy to use... but not so easy to organize.

What would happen if you could see every major discussion on a hashtag, from all the major networks, all in one place? That’s just what TagBoard aims to accomplish. TagBoard gives you the power to search the top social networks for a hashtag at the same time, displaying results in a convenient, orderly manner. You’ll be able to easily browse and discover top content without having to switch endlessly between networks.

With TagBoard, you can see what’s being discussed in any topic on the major social networks–as long as it’s got a hashtag. It’s the perfect way to find the content and events people are talking about and interested in right now, no matter where they choose to express themselves!

7. DrumUp: Your content goes marching on

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Your brand is always taking steps to move forward. Isn’t it time your content discovery tools did, too? DrumUp is a powerful app that makes sure the content you gather is always moving forward–but it does so by looking back.

As a fully-featured marketing app, DrumUp is great for organizing and reading feeds from your important networks, as well as posting and sharing to those networks in a convenient, fast way. However, content discovery is where it really shines. DrumUp offers you daily content recommendations based on your past social media activity, making it easy to find content your followers will want to engage with. As your social media activity changes, so too will the recommendations.

DrumUp’s ever-changing recommendations are one of the most natural ways you’ll find to discover new content. With its services, you’ll have plenty of great content to share every day–and sharing it guarantees you’ll be able to get more tomorrow!

8. Socialert: A real-time social listening and hashtag tracking tool


If you wish to compile a story after performing an extensive research in less time, then you can easily take the assistance of Socialert. It is an ideal social listening tool and comes with plenty of added features as well. It helps reduce unnecessary noise on leading social media platforms like Twitter.

The platform can easily be used to perform brand monitoring, content analysis, identifying influencers, and curating user-generated content to compile engaging stories. Simply type in a hashtag or keyword and you can track it on a real-time basis. Additionally, the platform provides an interactive dashboard that will help you stay organized.

It also provides various features as well like sentiment analysis, tracking hashtag’s reach with respect to a given location or time duration, filtering users on the basis of their follower count or keywords, and a lot more. It doesn’t matter if you are coming up with a marketing campaign for your brand or would like to create awareness regarding an event, Socialert will surely come in handy.


Let the hunt begin

The internet is a massive place, filled with content both good and bad, long and short, worthwhile and worthless. Social media pros have always faced the challenge of digging through the mess and finding the great links. Now more than ever, that job is made easier. Use one (or more) of these tools, and soon you’ll have the best content practically falling in your lap, ready for easy curation.

Forget blindly searching for content manually. Get the tools you need, let the hunt begin!

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